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Transforming internal communications - Emma Peagam and Anwen Gardner


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Emma Peagam and Anwen Gardner or Barnardo's, at Intranet Now 5th Oct.

Published in: Business
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Transforming internal communications - Emma Peagam and Anwen Gardner

  1. 1. Digital TeamAnwen Gardner - @Annie_Gardner Emma Peagam - @EmmaPeagam Transforming Internal Communications at Barnardo’s
  2. 2. Digital Team Enable Barnardo’s people to communicate and collaborate as easily as they do in their private lives so that they can deliver better outcomes for more children @Annie_Gardner @EmmaPeagam
  3. 3. Digital Team The challenge @Annie_Gardner @EmmaPeagam
  4. 4. Digital Team 1. Simpler processes 2. Easier connections 3. Saving time 4. Personalise 5. Single source of truth 6. Feel part of a bigger story @Annie_Gardner @EmmaPeagam
  5. 5. Digital Team Workplace (Facebook for work) Intranet without walls @Annie_Gardner @EmmaPeagam
  6. 6. Digital Team Why both? @Annie_Gardner @EmmaPeagam
  7. 7. Digital Team Creating our channel mix @Annie_Gardner @EmmaPeagam
  8. 8. Digital Team Mapping comms spaces @Annie_Gardner @EmmaPeagam
  9. 9. Digital Team Image for private info @Annie_Gardner @EmmaPeagam
  10. 10. Digital Team Public info @Annie_Gardner @EmmaPeagam
  11. 11. Digital Team @Annie_Gardner @EmmaPeagam
  12. 12. Digital Team @Annie_Gardner @EmmaPeagam
  13. 13. Digital Team Next steps @Annie_Gardner @EmmaPeagam