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The case for agile intranets - James Dellow


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Lightning talk from Intranet Now 2016, with James Dellow explaining how an agile approach can create intranets that people actually want and need.

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The case for agile intranets - James Dellow

  1. 1. The case for agile # James Dellow intranet s James Dellow @chieftech
  2. 2. We are all already pretty good at building intranets... James Dellow @chieftech
  3. 3. Addressing fragmentation across people, place and technology James Dellow @chieftech
  4. 4. Source: Nielsen Norman Group James Dellow @chieftech
  5. 5. Image credit: CC-BY Jason Carter What being agile is and isn’t... James Dellow @chieftech
  6. 6. An agile intranet needs means, motive, and opportunity Image credit: CC-BY Liz West James Dellow @chieftech
  7. 7. An agile intranet manifesto #1 Think like a product owner #3 Coherence over elegance #2 Let’s get physical configurable James Dellow @chieftech
  8. 8. Can I be agile with SharePoint? T James Dellow @chieftech
  9. 9. Project Outcome Focus Defined upfront Iterative Mindset Technology & Content Business & User Driven Constraints* James Dellow @chieftech
  10. 10. James Dellow +61 414 233711 James Dellow @chieftech