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Realising a digital campus - Ross Tarbard


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Ross Tarbard, of the University of Leicester, at Intranet Now, Oct 2017.

Published in: Business
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Realising a digital campus - Ross Tarbard

  1. 1. Realising a Digital Campus Ross Tarbard Senior Internal Communications Officer University of Leicester @rosstarbard
  2. 2. “Putting digital at the heart of everything we do” “A single digital ecosystem” “Any-time, anywhere working” @rosstarbard
  3. 3. @rosstarbard
  4. 4. MyWorkspace intranet Office 365 tools Digital Learning Student Lifecycle digitisation Yammer Business Intelligence reporting Better use of news and multimedia @rosstarbard
  5. 5. @rosstarbard
  6. 6. How can we ensure success? Practice what we preach Increasing digital capabilities Gaining support Creating our champions Image credited to Virpi Oinen
  7. 7. @rosstarbard
  8. 8. @rosstarbard
  9. 9. @rosstarbard