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Planning and delivering your intranet - Kate Cardenas


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Project management and intranets. Lightning talk at Intranet Now 2016.

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Planning and delivering your intranet - Kate Cardenas

  1. 1. Kate Cardenas: Senior Project Manager Planning & delivering your intranet implementation A PROJECT MANAGER PERSPECTIVE Internal communications and user engagement are vital to the successful adoption of any intranet deployment. However, you also need a roadmap and a toolkit to help keep the project on track so that the intended business value is delivered 1@Cardenas_Kate
  2. 2. Kate Cardenas: Senior Project Manager @Cardenas_Kate The High Cost of Low Performance ◦ Organisations that invest in project management, waste 13 times less money ◦ However, the PMI reports a significant dip in the percentage of projects meeting their goals 2 Source: [ leadership/pulse/pulse-of-the-profession-2016.pdf ]
  3. 3. Kate Cardenas: Senior Project Manager Agenda ◦ Why organisations implement intranets? ◦ Five ways to discover undisclosed business value ◦ Roadmap 3@Cardenas_Kate
  4. 4. Kate Cardenas: Senior Project Manager Why organisations implement intranets? ◦ Reduce operational costs ◦ Upgrade or replace obsolete technology or expensive existing infrastructure/subscriptions ◦ Organisational transformation: change programmes; mergers/acquisitions ◦ Improve efficiency/employee engagement ◦ Streamline business processes and communication channels 4 Increasingly likely to be a combination of these factors, but sometimes not all this information is available to you upfront @Cardenas_Kate
  5. 5. Kate Cardenas: Senior Project Manager The Approach ◦ Tell people and they forget ◦ Show them and they understand ◦ Involve them and they remember 5@Cardenas_Kate
  6. 6. Kate Cardenas: Senior Project Manager @Cardenas_Kate Discovering undisclosed business value 1. Talk to people – No 1! 2. Look out for opportunities 3. Ask lots of questions 4. Leave space for value to emerge 5. It doesn’t have to be sophisticated 6 Talk/Listen to people User stories Interviews Communal areas Meetings Content Champion Group Formal research Surveys Card-sorting Usability tests First-click testing Financial analysis Risk analysis Deploy analytics early Products Project Brief Benefits Review Plan Roadmap/s Project plans Task lists Structured time boxes
  7. 7. Kate Cardenas: Senior Project Manager A whiteboard roadmap 7 ◦ Visual ◦ Tangible ◦ Create a physical space where the whiteboard is clearly displayed ◦ People should be able to walk up to it and touch it ◦ An invaluable planning and monitoring tool for the team ◦ Captured with @Cardenas_Kate
  8. 8. Kate Cardenas: Senior Project Manager Thank you 8 Email: LinkedIn: Twitter: @Cardenas_Kate @Cardenas_Kate