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Make your intranet a ROARing success - Kelly Freeman


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Kelly Freeman, of Interact, at Intranet Now Oct 2017.

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Make your intranet a ROARing success - Kelly Freeman

  1. 1. “Projects don’t fail at the end, they fail at the beginning.”
  2. 2. Make your intranet a ROARing success Kelly Freeman Interact Intranet
  4. 4. R RESEARCH
  5. 5. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Who Challenges and Barriers Technology and Environment Key Resources Wish List User Journey
  6. 6. Communication Collaboration TasksCulture O OBJECTIVES Information
  7. 7. S M A R T Specific - *exactly* what are you trying to achieve and who is the target audience? Measurable – how is it measured, what is it now, what is the target measurement? Achievable – can it actually be done? Resources, inputs, culture. Intranet alone? Realistic – is the future state a realistic one? Consider phased approach to big asks. Timebound – by when would you like to achieve the goal?
  8. 8. A racy model A ACCOUNTABILITY
  9. 9. Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed R A C I A ACCOUNTABILITY
  10. 10. Accountable Consulted Informed Responsible Objectives News User Data Management Content Management Homepage management Workforce Head of Comms IT Department R IT Director - Intranet Manager R R C Content Managers C - - - - - - - - A A R I - R I I - I I C A A C A
  11. 11. R ROLL-OUT
  12. 12. Engaging people with your intranet Create awareness Make it relevant and useful Regular engaging and inspiring content Encourage and nurture interaction Seek out champions and influencers Get regular feedback Fix issues and answer questions quickly
  13. 13. Evolution of company intranets 75% 10% 15% Launch Communication 55% 25% 19% 12 months Collaboration 42% 35% 23% 36 months Business Processes
  14. 14. LEARN It’s a cycle of progress LISTEN • To the organisation you serve • To what is working for others • To the best research ACT • Try something • See what happens • Measure the results LEARN • What works and what fails • What should change • What to do differently REPEAT • Integrate what works • Try a new experiment • Continually improve impact
  15. 15. Intranet projects fail or don't live up to their potential because they lack direction, have low perceived value to the organisation, lack ownership and suffer poor adoption. DON’T LET YOURS BE ONE OF THEM