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Knowing me, knowing you - Laura Jones


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Laura Jones of the Co-op Bank, at Intranet Now.

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Knowing me, knowing you - Laura Jones

  1. 1. Knowing me, knowing you Why it’s vital to get to know colleagues across the business Laura Jones @laurap_1989 The Co-operative Banking Group
  2. 2. Colleagues are our most powerful tool Laura Jones | @laurap_1989
  3. 3. Features Vs Goals Laura Jones | @laurap_1989
  4. 4. • It has a motor • It has a steering wheel • It has a seat • It has four wheels Take the features of this item: Laura Jones | @laurap_1989
  5. 5. • It evenly cuts grass • You can change direction easily But what about the goals? Laura Jones | @laurap_1989
  6. 6. “When you have been off it’s hard to find out what you have missed” “Its all over the place. It would be better if its all in one place!” “it’s extremely hard to find what you need” “If I didn’t have my favourites, I don’t know what I would do” “It can be embarrassing when you’re with a customer and you can’t find something, you look like you don't know what you’re doing” Laura Jones | @laurap_1989
  7. 7. Laura Jones | @laurap_1989 It starts with a survey… Feedback form Face to Face ObservationsDrop ins Updates page Floor walking Branch visits Huddles Ambassadors Leadership meetings Secondments Banners Sneak Peaks Card Sorts Emails Articles User Testing Focus Groups Laura Jones | @laurap_1989
  8. 8. Laura Jones | @laurap_1989
  9. 9. Laura Jones | @laurap_1989Laura Jones | @laurap_1989