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Keeping people engaged in a gig economy — Billy Clackers


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Opening keynote of Intranet Now conference - October 2018.
Billy Clackers of Invotra. See original G Slides:

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Keeping people engaged in a gig economy — Billy Clackers

  1. 1. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra ® Keeping people engaged in a gig economy
  2. 2. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra What even is a gig economy?
  3. 3. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra “A labour market characterised by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs”
  4. 4. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra
  5. 5. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra It’s also: ● Supply teachers ● Stand-by nurses ● Business Analysts ● Project managers ● & many more
  6. 6. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra “I want to travel the world and do contract work for a living” Invotra apprentice
  7. 7. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra It’s growing... 30% UK workforce 18% UK employees would consider switching 50% Increase since 2010
  8. 8. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra Meet Brett ● Driver for Uber ● Works all around the city of London ● Doesn’t talk or engage with a single colleague every day ● No intranet available
  9. 9. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra Meet Francesca ● Project management contractor ● Works remotely, from home ● Left due to lack of ‘human voice’ ● Had full access to the intranet
  10. 10. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra Meet Janet ● Switched from employee to contractor & lost data ● Works directly with employees in the head office ● Not very tech savvy ● Not sure how to get help/support
  11. 11. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra
  12. 12. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra 5 categories 1. Onboard 2. Engage 3. Control 4. Support 5. Offboard
  13. 13. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra 1. Onboard
  14. 14. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra Don’t wait until their first day ● People will integrate better with the team ● Experience a faster transition to productive peak ● Positive attitude about the intranet from Day 1
  15. 15. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra
  16. 16. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra @SamuelHulick
  17. 17. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra 2. Engage
  18. 18. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra
  19. 19. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra
  20. 20. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra 3. Control
  21. 21. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra
  22. 22. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra
  23. 23. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra 4. Support
  24. 24. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra Workshops ● Get people involved weekly/monthly ● Ask for feedback, what is or isn’t working? ● Allow people to ask questions ● Ask for ideas and suggestions
  25. 25. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra Support Portals ● Provide an area that people can go to to get support ● Allow people to share learnings and answer each others’ questions ● Setup various key topic areas such as ‘Search’, ‘Analytics’ etc ● This could be as simple as a forum on your intranet
  26. 26. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra 5. Offboard
  27. 27. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra Offboarding ● Nuclear option ● Reassign content & Delete ● Reassign content & Anonymise
  28. 28. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra Nuclear option
  29. 29. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra Reassign content and Delete
  30. 30. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra Reassign content and Anonymise
  31. 31. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra Measuring success
  32. 32. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra Can you currently tell the difference between gig workers & employees?
  33. 33. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra How do you know if your gig workers are as engaged as employees?
  34. 34. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra Reports Dimensions Capture Points Goals Ensure that commenting is as high for gig workers as it is for employees Matomo, Google Analytics, Search, Database No. of employees & gig workers, % of comments Simple table displaying percentage per user type
  35. 35. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra
  36. 36. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra Is your intranet succeeding?
  37. 37. #IntranetNow Billy Clackers @invotra Thank you!