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Inheriting a new intranet — Suzie Robinson


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Suzie Robinson explains how she took on the intranet at WSH Group. Intranet Now, 2018.

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Inheriting a new intranet — Suzie Robinson

  1. 1. Lessons and learnings of inheriting a new intranet Suzie Robinson WSH Group Limited #IntranetNow @SuzieRobinson42
  2. 2. #IntranetNow @SuzieRobinson42 Restaurants, Cafes and Bars Event Spaces Client Services Catering
  3. 3. July 2016: Project began January 2017: Intended launch June 2017: Launch started (and stopped) September 2017: I joined WSH January 2018: Launch complete #IntranetNow @SuzieRobinson42
  4. 4. When I joined there were a few issues… • Delayed + • Not fully launched + • Poor uptake + • Old system déjà vu + • No user research + • No clear vision + • = Poor employee experience (NB – It’s not just an intranet) #IntranetNow @SuzieRobinson42
  5. 5. #IntranetNow @SuzieRobinson42 If you build it WELL they will come…
  6. 6. #IntranetNow @SuzieRobinson42 (RE)ASSURANCE IMPROVEMENTS FOCUS
  7. 7. #IntranetNow @SuzieRobinson42 “Food and Nutrition” for Caterlink Looks simple, but this is completely different from anything the business has done before…
  9. 9. “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust #IntranetNow @SuzieRobinson42