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Hubs, hives, and hangouts - Sam Marshall


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Digital workplace lightning talk at Intranet Now 2016.

Published in: Business
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Hubs, hives, and hangouts - Sam Marshall

  1. 1. Hubs, Hives & Hangouts Sam Marshall ClearBox Consulting @sammarshall #intranetnow
  2. 2. We are giving people a jumble of digital workplace tools What they need are distinctive digital working spaces Sam Marshall @sammarshall #intranetnow
  3. 3. •For both forking and spooning •Made from super strong titanium •Threatens the job security of your other cutlery One utensil to rule them all The Spork Sam Marshall @sammarshall #intranetnow
  4. 4. Activity Based Working New ways of working Agile Working Sam Marshall @sammarshall #intranetnow
  5. 5. Have our digital workplaces kept up? Sam Marshall @sammarshall #intranetnow
  6. 6. Marshall @sammarshall
  7. 7. Sam Marshall @sammarshall #intranetnow
  8. 8. Sam Marshall @sammarshall
  9. 9. Sam Marshall @sammarshall #intranetnow
  10. 10. Sam Marshall @sammarshall #intranetnow
  11. 11. Sam Marshall @sammarshall #intranetnow
  12. 12. Sam Marshall @sammarshall #intranetnow
  13. 13. Unless we learn to switch off digital distractions, everywhere ends up as a hive. Sam Marshall @sammarshall #intranetnow
  14. 14. A new version of Adobe Reader is available Grumpy cat lolz   Lights left on in car park B Celebrity to open new wing Sam Marshall @sammarshall #intranetnow
  15. 15. Create distinctive digital working spaces Sam Marshall @sammarshall #intranetnow
  16. 16. Don’t make your intranet a Spork Sam Marshall @sammarshall #intranetnow
  17. 17. @sammarshall