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Enterprise social dreams and nightmares - Rita Zonius


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Rita Zonius at Intranet Now, 5th October 2017.

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Enterprise social dreams and nightmares - Rita Zonius

  1. 1. #IntranetNow #ESN @RitaZonius Going social at ANZ with MaxConnect Rita Zonius October 2017 Enterprise social dreams and nightmares
  2. 2. #IntranetNow #ESN @RitaZonius The fish rots from the head & other ESN nightmares • Leaders who don’t want to change • Free-for-all – no governance • Launch and leave • Adoption … just because • ESN = silver bullet
  3. 3. #IntranetNow #ESN @RitaZonius The stuff of dreams. When ESNs really work • Crystal clear purpose • Clarity on risks and obligations • Magic happens in communities • Champions to help • Build confidence = people will use your ESN
  4. 4. #IntranetNow #ESN @RitaZonius MaxConnect delivering real business value • Solving real problems • Accountable SMEs • Crowdsourcing • Sharing what we know • Rise of the wirearchy* • Community as asset • Networked $ value of answers “It’s amazing how many questions get asked … the beautiful thing is it’s driven a lot of interconnectivity.” “It’s not a matter of a normal chain of command, it’s whole conversations and communities working together.” * Jon Husband –What isWirearchy?
  5. 5. #IntranetNow #ESN @RitaZonius How to have a smooth(er) run with your ESN • Address dreams and nightmares in a plan • Mindset shift is key - help people work out loud • Get the right people doing the right things • Measure what matters – not ‘likes’ but outcomes • Tell success stories over and over
  6. 6. #IntranetNow #ESN @RitaZonius E: M: +61 (0) 434 608 829 Li: T: @RitaZonius How to connect with me