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Digital employee experience— James Robertson


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The power of DEX! James Robertson, of Step Two, at Intranet Now, autumn 2018.

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Digital employee experience— James Robertson

  1. 1. The power of digital employee experience James Robertson, Step Two
  2. 2. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo … and I’ve spent 20+ years leading and shaping the field of intranets and digital workplaces …
  3. 3. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo I’m not afraid of using the “i word”, as it’s even more important now than before!
  4. 4. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo A digital workplace consists of the set of tools, platforms and environments for work.
  5. 5. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo A great digital workplace consists of a holistic set of tools, platforms and environments for work, delivered in a coherent, usable and productive way.
  6. 6. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo Digital employee experience (#DEX) is the sum total of the digital interactions between a staff member and their organisation.
  7. 7. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo #DEX Superpowers of DEX!
  8. 8. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo #DEX DEX drives genuine innovation
  9. 9. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo LibertyMutual 2018 Platinum winner!
  10. 10. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo LibertyMutual
  11. 11. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo LibertyMutual
  12. 12. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo LibertyMutual
  13. 13. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo #DEX DEX puts the focus on humans
  14. 14. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo DEX is driven by real field research, expressed via visuals and narrative. (Preaching to the converted, at Intranet Now, enough said!)
  15. 15. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo #DEX DEX generates genuine passion
  16. 16. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo
  17. 17. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo
  18. 18. #IntranetNow @james_steptwo #DEX Dream big, but deliver often!