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Content is critical for an intranet - Natalie Smithson


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Natalie Smithson of the Land Registry, at Intranet Now Oct 2017.

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Content is critical for an intranet - Natalie Smithson

  1. 1. Content is critical for an intranet How starting with user needs helps shape content that is useful and relevant to people reading it Natalie Smithson - Intranet Officer HM Land Registry #IntranetNow
  2. 2. • Old intranet had 140,000 files of content; • 130 links from the home page alone; • Testing showed no one knew where to start; • Not accessible – drop downs, many different colours, fonts, styles; and • System Usability Score: 36.88 Poor Because we didn’t start with user needs… Natalie Smithson #IntranetNow
  3. 3. System Usability Score A standardised10-item questionnaire used to measure perceived ease of use. It is given to the participants immediately after they have used the site. A mean score out of 100 is generated. This is then converted into a grade scale and adjective rating. Natalie Smithson #IntranetNow
  4. 4. Comments: old intranet “I had to read it all to understand it wasn’t what I wanted” “I was hoping for some kind of search facility – you have to read every single one (links)” “Not pleasant having to read through all that text and find key words” “Does anyone use that anymore?” Natalie Smithson #IntranetNow
  5. 5. Example: Reservist frequently asked questions Natalie Smithson #IntranetNow
  6. 6. • Picked a proven platform/template; • Focused on the content; • Representatives from each directorate looked at their content, thinking about the purpose of the content; • User needs as defined by GDS to help sort content; and • System Usability Score: 90.00 Excellent What we did Natalie Smithson #IntranetNow
  7. 7. Principles created by directorate reps Natalie Smithson #IntranetNow
  8. 8. Comments: new intranet “I am finding more on here than I would normally” “(I am) having to dig a little for this one I’m afraid…wasn’t sure what I was looking for… It doesn’t immediately jump out whether the Policy is the manager guide or employees guide” “Really good, a lot better, visually better. Policies are in manageable chunks, they draw your eye to the bit you need to be in” “Think it reads ok, ‘you are entitled..’, speaks directly to the reader” Natalie Smithson #IntranetNow
  9. 9. Example: Reservist questions and answers Natalie Smithson #IntranetNow
  10. 10. Example of user generated content “…I just had to find the closest first aider and it was not intuitive. In fact, I gave up… Is there a way to make access to this information more prominent bearing in mind the nature of the enquiry? Normally these things are searched for during a period of stress so the easier to locate the better.” Natalie Smithson #IntranetNow
  11. 11. • No adverse comments in recent pulse survey; • Improve ways to help readers feedback; • Use network of advocates to set up interviews, find out what’s working, what’s not working; and • Use data to focus user research Measure impact Natalie Smithson #IntranetNow
  12. 12. Measure impact Natalie Smithson #IntranetNow
  13. 13. • Hot jar – click maps: • Tag Manager in Google Analytics: • GDS Digital Service Standard: • GDS User needs: • Intranet WordPress theme by Helpful Technology: #IntranetNow Tools used