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Alignment a series of leaps — Martin Stubbs-Partridge — Scottish Natural Heritage


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From a command and control project, to contributing to our transformation – how our intranet alignment was gained, lost, and re-found.

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Alignment a series of leaps — Martin Stubbs-Partridge — Scottish Natural Heritage

  1. 1. Alignment: a series of leaps @MartinSP16 Martin Stubbs-Partridge#IntranetNow
  2. 2. Scottish Natural Heritage @MartinSP16 Martin Stubbs-Partridge#IntranetNow 700 employees Offices throughout Scotland (remote islands) Scientists, ecologists, business practitioners
  3. 3. @MartinSP16 Martin Stubbs-Partridge#IntranetNow What began as a mitigation project, has turned into a lever for transformation
  4. 4. Alignment v1.0 (2013) #IntranetNow Martin Stubbs-Partridge Analysis, dependencies, documentation Drupal (Open Atrium) Technical partner @Inviqa) @MartinSP16
  5. 5. Recognition (2017) #IntranetNow Martin Stubbs-Partridge @MartinSP16
  6. 6. Changing climate #IntranetNow Martin Stubbs-Partridge @MartinSP16
  7. 7. Be useful #IntranetNow Martin Stubbs-Partridge @MartinSP16
  8. 8. Alignment v2.0 #IntranetNow Martin Stubbs-Partridge @MartinSP16 • Think content first • Increase collaboration • Emphasis on empowerment • Feel more connected to SNH • Use marketing and behavioural science
  9. 9. Solving business problems #IntranetNow Martin Stubbs-Partridge @MartinSP16
  10. 10. Feel more connected to SNH #IntranetNow Martin Stubbs-Partridge @MartinSP16
  11. 11. #IntranetNow Martin Stubbs-Partridge @MartinSP16
  12. 12. #IntranetNow Martin Stubbs-Partridge @MartinSP16
  13. 13. #IntranetNow Martin Stubbs-Partridge @MartinSP16 • If you lose alignment, do useful things • Use leaders to inspire others • It’s not all about tech, but it helps • Leaping is a process: 1 + 2 = 3 Takeaways