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Adding value through collaboration - Jenni Field


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Comms and collaboration lightning talk at Intranet Now 2016.

Published in: Business
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Adding value through collaboration - Jenni Field

  1. 1. Adding value through collaboration Jenni field 30 September 2016 @jenniwheller
  2. 2. @jenniwheller We are all in this together • In 2012 the business invests and rolls out IBM Connections to help the 29 countries collaborate • In 2014 there is a change in leadership, a change in company ownership and with that comes the question…. What is the value of collaboration? What is the value of communication and more importantly, what are we saving by spending money each year on this tool?
  3. 3. @jenniwheller Stop, collaborate and listen • Find the departments that need to collaborate globally and work with them closely – get underneath the department and prove success • Use the tools for events - sharing documents, connecting people before they arrive • Develop your own strategy – from introducing a tool to creating a complete social collaboration network – IBM Connections met IBM Mail which met Sametime. In addition we rolled out IBM Portal for the frontline teams to push news out to the wider business
  4. 4. @jenniwheller Now, show me the money! 1. Use other parts of the business to do your bidding! We used the Risk Committee to leverage the security message – we could save at least £5k from losing Dropboxor equivalent accounts 2. The platform could enable external stakeholder collaboration – saving another potential £25k of microsite builds trying to tackle the problem of serving up different pieces of content to different audiences/third party agencies 3. Talk to those who are the experts – we got IBM on the phone and discussed all the options they discuss with other companies 4. We used our business strategy to our advantage – you want to franchise? We need to make sure we have the right material in the right place and only one version. 5. We can make us more efficient…
  5. 5. @jenniwheller Where is it today? 1. IT and Communications working completely in sync – we moved from a project manager helping us with upgrades to a product owner for the whole IBM suite 2. Communications was responsible for the business strategy behind the tool and the IT team responsible for the technical side of things 3. Success in the UK has meant the USA team are now going through the roll out of in-depth Connections training and Portal for frontline teams 4. Continued development in the UK for Portal to become the gateway for frontline teams to get access to their development plans and day-to-day tasks
  6. 6. Adding value through collaboration 30 September 2016 @jenniwheller