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8 Edmund Ovington - Mobile content simplified - Intranet Now

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8 Edmund Ovington - Mobile content simplified - Intranet Now

  1. 1. 1 Content. Simplified. #IntranetNow @eovington
  2. 2. Our vision An immediate, mobile touch point that empowers every employee to engage with their company and complete their workday more efficiently. The workplace is drowning in a sea of different channels, content, & noise. • Elegant - We want to make staying on top of content and tasks simple and fast. • Integrated - We want to create a single point of reference that integrates with all main tools. • Relevant - We want to be mobile, intelligent, and a seamless part of work life.
  3. 3. All updates in one place All social business content feeds in one integrated mobile location. Social work flow All your rapid work tasks directly in your Beem feed. e.g. Approvals, Invites #IntranetNow @eovington Swarming collaboration Find the right person fast and started working with them right away. Integrated mobile engagement Simple, mobile, integrated. PRODUCT Introducing Beem
  4. 4. Stories Partners #IntranetNow TRACTION @eovington Clients
  5. 5. Let’s get you started! iPhone Go to Apple App Store and search for ‘Beem It’ Android Go to Google Play and search for ‘Beem’
  6. 6. thank you! Content. Simplified. @eovington