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Matrimony, Wedding And life Information


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Matrimony, wedding and life

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Matrimony, Wedding And life Information

  1. 1. A socially recognized tie or a knot tied under rituals which is recognized by the society, taking place between two different blood lines is called a marriage. It is definitely one of the most auspicious occasions in everyone’s life. This knot not only unites two people for life, but also two families and everyone attached with them as well. Continue Reading
  2. 2.   It can also be defined as a legal contract in which two parties swear to abide by each other under every situation and circumstances. Marriage is the first relation that an individual accepts socially, mentally and physically other than his or her blood relations. Marriage can take place between two individuals in love or two complete strangers. Continue Reading
  3. 3.    Generally people prefer to look out for their own counter parts but many people on the other hand likes to opt for an arranged marriage which is an effort done form the side of the family. Marriage however is defined in various ways according to various religions but in general it is a relation in which sexual ties or intimacy is acknowledged. People can opt for marriage for various reasons like social, religious, legal, mental, physical, cultural etc. Continue Reading
  4. 4. People nowadays are too busy with their life’s and hardly has time to look out for other things and often in the run to establish oneself the emotional tank drains out, hence marriage is necessary in the long run.  People not only marry to increase their family and hierarchy but also to have a companion for life with whom they can share, cry, laugh and spend their regular life.  Continue Reading
  5. 5.   Various countries have different legal’s rules relating to marriages. In India, however, girls after the age of 18 and boys after attaining the age of 22 are allowed to marry legally. In general people marry after they pass their mid- 20’s. Continue Reading
  6. 6.    In India marriages are held quite highly and the custom of young people looking out for their life partners are not yet accepted. Thus, people look out to arrange their marriages. It is a process in which the eligible candidate marries a person chosen by their family to after the consent of entire family. People have however, shifted their process of searching form traditional marriage brokers to matrimony sites. Continue Reading
  7. 7.    These sites are just a modern version of dating sites in which people create their own profiles to look out for their ideal matches. Most of these sites are even payable while a part of their service may be free. Many matrimony sites have been made keeping various community based restrictions and religion factors in mind. These allow you to customize your search according to your needs. Continue Reading
  8. 8.     Matrimonial websites are very common and the success rates of matches done by these sites are quite high. These sites are a virtual platform where you get to choose the one you like amongst many, however, they never promise of marriage and other factors involved in it. Matrimonial sites in India are used extensively nowadays as more and more people are becoming accustomed to internet. Log on To more details @