A Wedding Flowers Primer – Everything Your Wedding Planner Should Know About Rose Colors


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A Wedding Flowers Primer – Everything Your Wedding Planner Should Know About Rose Colors

  1. 1. A Wedding Flowers Primer - Everything Your Wedding Planner Should Know About RoseColors If you could have your wedding planner bring any type of wedding flowers to your wedding day what color would they be and why? Like the bloom of a rose, the color of a rose can invoke a variety of emotions and feelings. A good wedding planner knows the power of wedding flowers and should always steer their clients to flower color combinations that bring the best out of the various wedding ceremonies. While wedding flowers should largely flow with the color scheme of the entire affair it is still very important that thebride, groom and appropriate friends and family review and discuss with a wedding planner the colorof the roses that will appear at the wedding.For most soon to be married couples the wedding flowers they choose with their wedding planner havegreat personal significance. While this can largely dictate and influence what color roses will bechosen for the wedding, it is still essential that your wedding planner go over all of your rose coloroptions. A competent wedding planner should have access to a variety of fresh cut and importedcolored wedding flowers. The most popular rose colors that all wedding planners should offer include:Most Popular Wedding Rose Colors:-Red Roses-White Roses-Pink Roses-Yellow Roses-Purple / Lavender Roses-Orange Roses-Rainbow RosesWhile it goes without saying that every wedding planner worth their weight in wedding flowers shouldhave a good eye for flower design and selection, the best wedding planners go even further. A top tierwedding planner will know what each color stands for and will explain to you why each rose color mayor may not work for your particular events. Considerations such as venue, photography, budget,personal taste, attire, decoration coordination and much more will all play a vital role in weddingflower color choice. So what will the rose colors at your wedding say about you.What Your Wedding Rose Colors May Mean:The Color Red:Warmth and red go hand and hand. Red roses should encourage enhanced enthusiasm, increasedenergy, renewed confidence and protection.The Color White:Purity and white go hand and hand. White roses should encourage freedom, new beginnings, cognitivevitality and purification of self.
  2. 2. The Color Pink:Love and pink go hand and hand. Pink roses should encourage serenity, organization, relaxationacceptance and peacefulness.The Color Yellow:Yellow and awareness go hand and hand. Yellow roses should encourage mental clarity, revitalization,improved memory and cheerfulness.The Color Purple / Lavender:Purple and thoughtfulness go hand and hand. Purple roses should encourage imagination, balance,barrier breakdowns and calmness.The Color Orange:Orange and power go hand and hand. Orange roses should encourage healing, spice, involvement,creativity and comic relief.The real test for your wedding planner will be if he knows about “Rainbow Roses” wedding flowers.We are not even quit sure what they stand for but they sure are fun and pretty. If your wedding plannerdefines a meaning for the “rainbow rose” please do let us know! The truth of the matter is every greatwedding planner should have a deep understanding of wedding flower colors and how they relate toyour big day. They should know the little things like colored Roses from Ecuador are recognizedaround the world as the most vibrant and inspiring roses available. Your wedding flowers should bearriving fresh cut and shinning in the color palettes of your choosing. Sure weddings can be expensivebut sparing no expense on the flowers is a must. Having the best colored roses may cut into thewedding budget a bit but having a wedding planner that knows everything there is to know aboutwedding flowers and roses is priceless. Hey weddings are rare and joyous occasions so why not go allout and let your colors show. Have you tested the true colors of your wedding planner yet? Make sureyou get the wedding flower colors you always dreamed of.