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Various reasons to get marry

To get married is very important part of life to maintain a hierarchy system by which the person would be acceptable by their parents and all. As we have seen that all the points are equally necessary for a person to get marry but the main point of getting married to a right girl who can help and support you at every moments of life.

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Various reasons to get marry

  1. 1. Various Reasons to Get Marry
  2. 2. Nowadays, it looks like married men could be endangered, as more pubs, sitcoms and movies are often filled with married, who are suffering beneath the judgment of the omniscient wives’ eyes. Almost every day a number of guys are getting married and they have been emasculated or have given up their independence. But in the actual scenario, Married men can take the media jokes, and the jokes made by their misogynistic and immature pals. They build the quality to handle all this because, they are aware that whatever… Page 1 of 8 Various Reasons to Get Marry
  3. 3. they have is much better than single guys. Youth nowadays, think that marriage is not their cup of tea, looking at the side effects relationship brings with it. But behind closed doors or if asked privately away from the bachelor binge drinking buddies, 98% folk would not hesitate to confess that deep down they also want to get married one day and make various marriage plans in their head probably since childhood. … Page 2 of 8 Various Reasons to Get Marry
  4. 4. Marriage makes a person live longer It has being proved in a number of studies that people who are married live a happier life than the ones who live a bachelor life throughout their life’s journey. For instance, University of California researchers conducted a study in the year 2006, which depicted that single people are two times more likely to die accidentally; almost 40% more likely to die of heart disease and 5 times more likely to die from an infectious disease. There are many other studies which… Page 3 of 8 Various Reasons to Get Marry
  5. 5. show that the rate of mortality is almost 250% more in people who lives a bachelor’s life than to married people. Marriage increases your purchasing power As per today’s scenario, people are looking for a working better half so that the expenses and the cost of living can be divided among the two. Marriage means you can afford things that you could never afford on your own; it means a better home, a better car, better… Page 4 of 8 Various Reasons to Get Marry
  6. 6. holidays, and cooler stuff. Become a better person after Marriage Being a smart guy, people will definitely choose a woman who is honest, opinionated and insightful to them, the one who can bring out the best in them; the one who stand by their side (physically, emotionally and financially) in order to support in the crust and tufts of their life. In addition, through marriage, an individual learns the actual meaning of compromise and self-sacrifice. … Page 5 of 8 Various Reasons to Get Marry
  7. 7. Marriage brings financial benefits Good marriage also brings financial  benefits along with them, as tax breaks  are provided by the government  for married couples and for families. An  access to health insurance plans are also  given to people who are getting married.  The primary purpose of all such things is  to make life easy for couples who  are married. Wedding adds one more start to your looks … Page 6 of 8 Various Reasons to Get Marry
  8. 8. It is not mandatory for anybody to  get married simply because it is at ease  to score with the females, but it is seen in  many cases that wedding makes an  individual attractive to the opposite  gender. Attracting the attention of  beautiful women makes many men feel  good and it ultimately boost their  confidence as a whole. Also, when you're  enjoying with your single pals, you will  surely become the centre of attraction for  women out there. Page 7 of 8 Various Reasons to Get Marry
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