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Post marriage rituals of perfect hindu marriage


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The article explains about the post marriage rituals of perfect Hindu marriage today

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Post marriage rituals of perfect hindu marriage

  1. 1. Post Marriage Rituals Of Perfect Hindu Marriage
  2. 2. Post Marriage Rituals Of Perfect Hindu Marriage Marriage is a festival in Hindu custom. Marriage is considered to be a lifelong memorable event in the couple’s life. In order to make it special, Hindu religion has got a list of traditional rituals to be performed pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding. The couple’s share intimacy after the wedding and perform the post wedding rituals out of love. Post wedding events of Hindu marriage Soon after tying the nuptial knot, the bride and the groom turn towards the invitees and seek their blessings. They are also individually blessed by the… Page 1 of 7
  3. 3. Page 2 of 7 elder most people in the family. The couples are then provided with mid-day meals which lessen their appetite as they have not eaten from morning. This is because Hindu marriages are scheduled early morning. The couples survive with a glass of milk for the whole day. But still they are not concerned about food as their hearts are filled with love and they are much excited regarding their wedding. Couples are entertained by games After a hectic marriage which has been conducted successfully with mixed feelings of love, Care, Commitments and anxiousness the… Post Marriage Rituals Of Perfect Hindu Marriage
  4. 4. Page 3 of 7 couples are entertained with games being conducted by the cousins of the bride and groom. Though they may seem to be playful,each game has got its own inner meaning. It includes the following, • The couples compete with each other to search for the ring inside the pot with water. This will reveal their understanding as the groom loses the game for the sake of the bride and vice versa. • Then the couples are made to break the puppets raised at the top of each other’s head which gives them happiness. Post Marriage Rituals Of Perfect Hindu Marriage
  5. 5. Page 4 of 7 • Then they are made to enjoy the swing ride being pushed by the cousins. Playful drama to be enacted by the groom Once the marriage is over the groom might perform a playful act saying that he desires to be a saint and wishes to go to kaashi. The brother and father of the bride must react to it and convince the groom to come back and lead life with the bride to share love and cherish happiness. This is literally named as “kaashi yathirai”. … Post Marriage Rituals Of Perfect Hindu Marriage
  6. 6. Page 5 of 7 Bride bids farewell to her family The bride then bids goodbye to her family with mixed feelings to enter into her marriage life of various commitments. She is welcomed with aarti to ward away the evil deeds. She is then made to knock off the rice filled pot with her foot. She makes foot prints on her way to the pooja room to light the lamp. She also prays for her marriage life to be pleasant. Spiritual tour to the native … Post Marriage Rituals Of Perfect Hindu Marriage
  7. 7. Page 6 of 7 The couples are then taken to the native temple of their family which they consider to be hereditary. They offer prayers and chant mantras after the wedding. Then the couples are invited for lunch by their maternal and paternal relatives. There they are treated specially with gifts and sweets followed by a good meal. This is done to share their love for the couple. Post Marriage Rituals Of Perfect Hindu Marriage
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