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Is it mandatory to match horoscopes before marriage


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As per Hindu religious traditions, horoscope matching of the bride and the groom before marriage is compulsory, in order to know if in future they will find happiness or not.

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Is it mandatory to match horoscopes before marriage

  1. 1. Is It Mandatory to Match Horoscopes before Marriage
  2. 2. Hindu weddings are famous all over the  world for their grandeur and festivities.  The biggest charms at these weddings  are the various religious rituals and  traditions that are followed. There are  numerous religious traditions which one  needs to observe in order to solemnize a  Hindu wedding, but the very first step in a  typical Hindu wedding is horoscope matching. If the horoscopes of  the bride and the groom do not match,  no wedding would take place.   When Is Horoscope Matching Done…  Page 1 of 7 Is It Mandatory to Match Horoscopes be
  3. 3. The act of matching of horoscopes is the very first step in the process of finalizing a wedding, in fact, even before the girl and the boy are allowed to meet each other, the parents, consult an astrologer and match horoscopes of the girl and the boy. It is only after the astrologer gives a go ahead that the talks of marriage are taken forward and the girl and the boy allowed to meet each other and decide whether they want to marry each other or not. Thus, it is quite evident that horoscope matching is a very important and an integral part of a… Page 2 of 7 Is It Mandatory to Match Horoscopes be
  4. 4. Hindu wedding. How This Horoscope Matching Is Done The astrologer prepares a Kundli of both the girl and the boy based on their date, time and place of birth. These Kundlis show the various ‘guns’ of the individual person. There are overall 8 counts on which a kundli of a person is matched with that of another person. The total points for these 8 counts adds up to 36 and if any two people together have a score more than 27, then their match… Page 3 of 7 Is It Mandatory to Match Horoscopes be
  5. 5. is supposed to be a really good one. If the score is somewhere between 18 to 26, then although not the best match, but still, an alliance between the two can work out and therefore, can be advised. However, if the score is below 18, then the match should not be considered. The purpose of conducting this horoscope matching before marriage, is to know if the two people, getting into the relationship are compatible with each other or not and whether they will be able to find happiness for themselves in the relationship or not. … Page 4 of 7 Is It Mandatory to Match Horoscopes be
  6. 6. Traditional but Not Compulsory Matching of horoscopes is recommended by the Hindu traditions. Therefore, if you firmly believe in the Hindu traditions and religion, for you matching of Kundlis before marriage would be compulsory. However, there are many people who do not believe in these horoscopes anymore and although they follow all the other wedding traditions, they skip this step of matching of horoscopes. The purpose of this horoscope matching is to provide you with a glimpse of what the future may… Page 5 of 7 Is It Mandatory to Match Horoscopes before Marriage
  7. 7. have in store for you, if you decide to commit yourself to a particular individual. Horoscope matching is not an exact science and there is always a possibility that the predictions made based on these Kundlis can go wrong. But in most cases, since the predictions are made based on the personal characters of individuals, these predictions tend to come true. Thus, depending on your faith, matching of Kundlis can be compulsory or optional for you. Page 6 of 7 Is It Mandatory to Match Horoscopes before Marriage
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