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Indian wedding an occasion of togetherness – tips for the brides


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This Indian wedding presentation guides the brides on wedding garments, mehndi design and tips.

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Indian wedding an occasion of togetherness – tips for the brides

  1. 1. Indian Wedding An Occasion of Togetherness – Tips for The Brides Wedding Vendors Worldwide
  2. 2. Indian Wedding An Occasion of Togeth Wedding is a day which comes once in life for a number of people. Whether you’re in India, America or Africa it doesn’t mean, the wedding day is special to everyone across the world. It is a day of togetherness where two souls promise each other to stay together for the rest of their life. Style of Wedding Indian weddings are mostly lengthy than most of the weddings which happens across the world. Many times it extends till several days with lots of traditional wedding Page 1 of 7
  3. 3. ceremony happenings like pre wedding ceremony and post wedding ceremony. Indian culture is more tradition oriented and gives priority to various rituals and attires. Indian wedding garments – the brides are the attraction If you compare wedding of various countries, the best noticeable difference which you can identify is the bride and it would be with Indian wedding dress. Yes, the Indian brides take these occasions very personally and prepare themselves with dashing wedding garments,… Page 2 of 7 Indian Wedding An Occasion of Togeth
  4. 4. Page 3 of 7 astonishing jewellery and beautiful mehndi design both in the hands and legs. After seeing an Indian bride at her wedding day, you will surely think of replacing her place. All the guests attending the wedding will search for the brides to have a glance at the masterpiece attire which she will be wearing to impress the future spouse. Hence, such importance of brides in Indian wedding can not be underlooked and this article address all the confusion and tension which a bride will be having if her wedding is fast approaching… Indian Wedding An Occasion of Togeth
  5. 5. You can just glance the tips given bellow and make your wedding shopping and preparations easy. Accessories for bridals Looking best in the wedding day not only lies with the wedding dress, it also lies with the kind of accessories which you choose. If you’re a bride then you would be requiring many accessories on the wedding day to stay attractive. So purchase the wedding accessories like hair style items, jewels etc before the wedding day in accordance to your outfit… Page 4 of 7 Indian Wedding An Occasion of Togeth
  6. 6. selected to look perfect, splendid and dashing. Hairstyles for brides The most important thing which takes time and even the wedding brides are more concerned is about their hair styles. The Indian women spends basically hours and hours of time in styling their hair and just think of a wedding day, it would really multiply. Make sure that you book a good hair stylish on the wedding day and make sure that all hair accessories which you have bought for outfit are kept in… Page 5 of 7 Indian Wedding An Occasion of Togeth
  7. 7. places to avoid last minute confusion. Best mehndi designs for brides The Indian wedding is full of cultural and traditional rituals and mehndi is one among them. Make sure that you finalize the design of mehndi before the wedding day and apply it two days before to look attractive. Makeup tips for bridals Make sure that you do an experiment of the make up well in advance before your wedding… Page 6 of 7 Indian Wedding An Occasion of Togetherness – Tips for The Brides
  8. 8. day to avoid any discomfort. Wedding dress Make sure that you decide well in advance on what type of wedding outfit and wedding shoes you like wearing on that day. We would recommend you to review and read all wedding magazines and bridal magazines on latest styles, fashions and trends. Page 7 of 7 Indian Wedding An Occasion of Togetherness – Tips for The Brides
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