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Emotional abnormalities of pregnancy


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The psychological changes during pregnancy results in mood swings, anxiety which may result in congenital disorders in child. A healthy pregnancy can be ensured by pregnant woman’s psychological wellbeing.

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Emotional abnormalities of pregnancy

  1. 1. Emotional Abnormalities of Pregnancy
  2. 2. The pregnant women do undergo emotional upheavals in time of pregnancy. There may be mood swings due to worries regarding body changes, health of the baby and motherhood obligations. There are several disorders which may affect would be mother, including following: • Effects of Schizophrenia During Pregnancy: The women may suffer from schizophrenia during pregnancy. It has… Page 1 of 9 Emotional Abnormalities of Pregnancy
  3. 3. a variable onset having different effect on different women. The health care professionals are needed to have close monitoring of women having psychosis background for a healthy pregnancy. • Disorders Related to Eating During Pregnancy: The pregnant women having active eating disorders are at the higher risk of delivery through caesarean section. Further, the eating disorders while being pregnant are correlated with heightened… Page 2 of 9 Emotional Abnormalities of Pregnancy
  4. 4. miscarriages risks and lowered weights of new-born infants. Also, congenital disorders could be avoided by effective treatment. • Disorder Related to Panic In Pregnancy: The women are likely to experience panic disorder in the period of pregnancy. The ill effects of panic on pregnancy and the wellbeing of foetus are important. The therapies of pharmacology are followed to treat disorders related to panic. Also,… Page 3 of 9 Emotional Abnormalities of Pregnancy
  5. 5. relaxation techniques are advised. • Depression Related to Pregnancy: For the period of pregnancy, women may experience depression symptoms including sleep changes, change in the appetite, and loss of energy which may not be easy to differentiate from the ordinary feelings of the pregnancy. It varies during the period of pregnancy. The usual disorders include depression and disorders related to anxiety. The women in pregnancy also may suffer… Page 4 of 9 Emotional Abnormalities of Pregnancy
  6. 6. from disorders related to panic, eating habits and compulsive obsession. Further, due love and care may help treat depression in better manner. • Pregnancy Disorders Related to Anxiety: Several pregnant women suffer from the disorders related to the anxiety. A timely intervention and treatment may result in normalcy in the psychological changes caused by this disorder. … Page 5 of 9 Emotional Abnormalities of Pregnancy
  7. 7. • Disorder related to Generalized Anxiety In Pregnancy: Several pregnant women are worried for the wellbeing of the foetus, onset of labour pain and changes in their body. The symptom of generalized anxiety is too much worrying during pregnancy. • Effects of Bipolar Mood Disorder During Pregnancy: The pregnant women may be affected by the bipolar disorder. The women… Page 6 of 9 Emotional Abnormalities of Pregnancy
  8. 8. having a background of bipolar mood disorder should be given stabilizers for moods only after assessing the benefits and risks. These are psychological disorders and treatments given above. In addition to those, the pregnant women can meditate and stretch. It may seem hard in the changing lifestyle due to pregnancy. However, meditation or technique related to relaxation will help to gain clarity of mind. Further, strengthening of the pelvic floor region can be attained by the… Page 7 of 9 Emotional Abnormalities of Pregnancy
  9. 9. Yoga practice. This will enable the second stage of labour bearable and prepare you for a fast recovery. Also, pregnant women’s mental health may have bearing on the foetus, and how it receives communication from outside world, especially the mother. No longer is womb considered an isolated world, but it is place where an infant in developmental stage cannot remain unaffected by his mother’s mood swings. Page 8 of 9 Emotional Abnormalities of Pregnancy
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