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Early Signs Of Pregnancy


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There are many early signs of pregnancy, which can help in knowing the right time for doing the pregnancy testing. These pregnancy signs help in knowing about early pregnancy.

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Early Signs Of Pregnancy

  1. 1. Early Signs Of Pregnancy Wedding Vendors Worldwide
  2. 2. Early Signs Of Pregnancy Being pregnant is probably one of the best feelings that a woman feels in her entire lifetime, no other emotion can come even close to the feeling of being pregnant. Most women think that the first sign of being pregnant is when she misses her periods. But the truth is that even before you miss your periods, there are a few other early signs of pregnancy. Some of these common early signs of pregnancy have been discussed below: Page 2 of 10
  3. 3. Tender Breasts Amongst the various different early signs of pregnancy, one of the first indications which your body gives when you are pregnant is that your breasts become achy and tender. This happens due to the rise in the level of the hormone progesterone, which makes your nipples darker, bigger and tender. Page 3 of 10 Early Signs Of Pregnancy
  4. 4. Page 4 of 10 Fatigue Another early pregnancy sign  is  a  sudden  fall  in  your  energy  levels.  During  the  first  trimester  of  pregnancy, women feel tired all the  time.  This  improves  in  the  second  trimester,  but  if  you  find  yourself  suddenly taking naps in the middle  of  the  day,  something  you  have  never  done  before,  this  increased  fatigue may be due to pregnancy.  Early Signs Of Pregnancy
  5. 5. Mood Swings If  you  have  been  experiencing  sudden  changes  in  your  mood,  small things make you really happy  and  even  smaller  things  make  you  feel  like  crying,  this  could  be  because  of  the  hormonal  changes  happening  in  your  body  due  to  pregnancy  and  therefore,  it  would  be  a  good  idea  to  go  in  for pregnancy testing at this stage.    Page 5 of 10 Early Signs Of Pregnancy
  6. 6. Light Headed Many  women  experience  light- headedness during the early stages  of  pregnancy.  These  women  feel  dizzy  all  the  time  and  sometimes  they may even end up fainting. The  reason  behind  this  could  be  either  hormonal changes or fluctuations in  the  levels  of  blood  pressure  in  the  body.  However,  if  you  have  been  feeling  giddy  for  some  time  now,  you  must  immediately  take  a  pregnancy immediately.  Page 6 of 10 Early Signs Of Pregnancy
  7. 7. Nausea And Vomiting It is true that full blown nausea and vomiting starts only after the completion of 7 to 9 weeks of pregnancy, but in some cases, women can start feeling nauseated even in the very early stages of pregnancy as well. Therefore, amongst the various early pregnancy signs, vomiting also finds a very important place for itself. Page 7 of 10 Early Signs Of Pregnancy
  8. 8. Aversion to Certain Foods You may be in love with a certain food, but suddenly even the smell of that food may start to make you feel repulsed. This is one of the very common early signs of pregnancy. Forget eating these specific foods, you would not be able to stand in the room where the food is being served because of its smell. Many times this aversion is for some of the healthiest foods and therefore, during pregnancy these women are forced to rely on multi- vitamin tablets in order to fulfil their nutritional needs. Page 8 of 10 Early Signs Of Pregnancy
  9. 9. Frequent Peeing During pregnancy, the uterus becomes bigger in size and therefore, puts more pressure on the bladder, thus forcing you to pee often. The kidneys, too, have to process more urine, thus increasing the trips to the bathroom. Spotting and Cramping Cramping and mild spotting can happen much before the due date of your periods. Page 9 of 10 Early Signs Of Pregnancy
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