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Choose Bangkok As Your Wedding Place To Live A Distinct Customary Feel


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Thai wedding is typically symbolic of the traditional fervor of the regional society as the unique traditions and customs are performed by the Buddhist monks there. Couples are also choosing Bangkok as a wedding destination due to its vibrant life and youth appeal.

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Choose Bangkok As Your Wedding Place To Live A Distinct Customary Feel

  1. 1. Choose Bangkok as Your Wedding Place to Live a Distinct Customary Feel
  2. 2. Choose Bangkok as Your Wedding Marriage is the significant occasion of one’s life as it marks the beginning of a new identity as a couple. Every heart wants to make his wedding occasion special and looks out for the best and cherished genres. Also, the cultural attributes are adhered to in the highest regards and these further add wholesomeness to the wedding. All the cultures of the world have developed unique traditional and customary fervor; and these fervors have been brilliantly carried through generations. Tasting other cultures! There has been great and bonding … Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. Choose Bangkok as Your Wedding affinities with one’s cultural ethos and the societies like to live the fundamental components as is. However, in the last 1 or 2 decades sort of cosmopolitism has started to emerge and people like to live the cultural attributes of other societies also. The Asian countries like Thailand and India are receiving guest couples that want to tie the knot as per the native traditions. The last few years have seen increased wedding ceremonies for the westerners in Thailand. The craze of Thai wedding is high because of the manifested values and distinctness of rituals like receiving the monks’ blessings and water blessing among others. Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. Choose Bangkok as Your Wedding Wholesome arrangements for a typical Thai wedding Bangkok has emerged as the fine wedding destination for the foreigners. Here many wedding planners are offering the packaged deals that are fulsome and economical too for the visitors. All the spiritual elements of traditional Thai wedding ceremony are ensured to give a decent touch to the occasion. All the modern lifestyle components are also ensured so that the youth do not feel the crunch of pomp and enthusiasm that is also demanded by all. Thus a fine wedding occasion is developed through the … Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. Choose Bangkok as Your Wedding amalgamation of the unique traditions of Thailand wedding and the modern icons that have become popular among the young generations throughout the world. Most of the times a composite wedding occasion is spread where the traditional customs are held and then a typical western wedding reception are hosted. The customary touch could be lent through the Thai wedding traditions or the church wedding customs (if the couple so choose). The riverside hotels and resorts in Bangkok are ready to offer their services as the venue for such wedlock by anyone from around … Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. Choose Bangkok as Your Wedding the world. Let’s look into the revered Thai wedding icons and customs that have become popular among the couples seeking to get wed here. The Monks’ blessings The bride and groom visit the Buddhist Thai temple where nine monks offer to bless the couple at their wedlock. The monks are offered food and some appurtenances as gifts. This ritual is generally performed in traditional attire like Thai Phra Ratcha and in the morning as early as 6 – 7 am. Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. Choose Bangkok as Your Wedding Place to Live a Distinct Customary Feel The water blessing This ritual is performed at the reception ceremony. The sacred water offered by the monks is placed at the hands of the bride and groom by the parents, relatives and friends. This is done as a mark of spiritual greetings and blessings for the couple. The couple can seek the western style reception also and a Christian wedding performed at the church there. In this case, the Thai cultural elements are still lived and arranged by the wedding planners. Page 7 of 8
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