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Bridal Makeup And Wedding Costumes Of Rajasthani Marriage


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Wedding is that charming event of life that is awaited long and many of us dream of a fascinating wedding. So to make your wedding attractive you need to look awesome on the big day have an attractive wedding makeup along with a glorious wedding dress like lehenga choli or a typical bright Rajasthani Turban.

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Bridal Makeup And Wedding Costumes Of Rajasthani Marriage

  1. 1. Bridal Makeup and Wedding Costumes of Rajasthani Marriage
  2. 2. Bridal Makeup and Wedding Costu Page 2 of 9 Selecting a suitable wedding dress is very important. In addition, how to wear a dress or does it suits you as per the culture and tradition are also important, because you reflect your personality, by what you wear and how you wear. In Rajasthani weddings mostly the trend is of having embellished with Lehenga choli or Rajasthani turban. The royal people of Rajasthan are well known for their elegant and refined style and their ethnic wedding dressing sense. The traditional wedding dresses of people of Rajasthan are wonderful refined with royalty and opulence where women embellish …
  3. 3. Bridal Makeup and Wedding Costu their don with lehenga choli and aesthetic jewelry. Dresses for wedding: The Rajasthani wedding unites individual as a phenomenal consolidation of different shades in case of wedding dresses. Along with impressive Rajasthani wedding dresses the beauty is reflected in the gold anklets, bajuband, hanging studs, bichhiya, chooda, nath, rakhri and many more accessories. •Lehenga choli: Lehenga choli is one of the most famous and … Page 3 of 9
  4. 4. Bridal Makeup and Wedding Costu Page 4 of 9 preferred wedding dress in  Rajasthani wedding. The origin itself is  traced  in  Rajasthan  and  Gujarat.  It  proves to be the modest and fascinates  feminist covering to bride because of its  stick  to  Mughal  designs  and  royal  embroidery  in  lehenga  choli.  Lehenga  choli  as  wedding  dress  can  have  various cuts and style:  •Straight cut lehenga choli:  The  straight  cut lehenga choli are  favorite  because  it  suits  every  body  shape.  In  straight cut lehenga choli, lehenga flow  down in parallel with the body and helps  in  sustaining  an  illusionary  slimming  effect. 
  5. 5. Bridal Makeup and Wedding Costu •Panelled lehenga choli: The  style  of lehenga choli has flare and fall to the  bride.  The  panels  are  stitched  together  with different color of lehenga. •Fish tail or mermaid lehenga choli: This  type  of lehenga choli is  fitted  at  the  waistline  and  opens  up  at  the bottom. Rajasthani Turban: Rajasthani turban bespeak  a  glorious  and  attractive  tradition  of  Royal  Rajasthan  where every community bears a turban.  The tradition of tying a turban has been  followed in … Page 5 of 9
  6. 6. Bridal Makeup and Wedding Costu Rajasthan  since  decades  and  it  symbolizes  pride  and  honor  for  Rajasthan  and  even  has  its  religious  significance. Turbans in wedding are  foremost  and  important  tradition  followed, turban comes in varied styles  and  reflects  the  rich  culture  of  Rajasthan. In the time of wedding, men  usually  embellish  them  with  bright  and  dotted turban or pagri.  Page 6 of 9
  7. 7. Bridal Makeup and Wedding Costu Wedding makeup: Wedding is  the  most  special  day  in  many  lives  of  people  where  two  people  decide  to  share  love,  commitment,  and  their  life  with each other. One thing you need to  focus  is  different  types  of wedding makeup looks  to  be  attractive  for  the  big  day  which  should  be  flawless,  seamless,  fresh  looking  foundations  or  sweet  and  innocent  look  of  a  blushing  bride  in  white  or  having  the  contoured  and structured look of a sub continental  bridal.  Smoky  eye  makeup  is  very  popular for this type of wedding. Black  mascara,  dark  eye  liner  and  a  dark  eye… Page 7 of 9
  8. 8. Bridal Makeup and Wedding Costumes of Rajasthani Marriage shadow  are  used  to  highlight  an  attractive  look.  In  a  typical  Rajasthani wedding try to embellish the  event with attractive lehenga choli with  a  glory  of makeup.  Sort  to  arrange  a  professional wedding makeup artist recommendations and beauty tips  for getting a perfect bridal look.     Page 8 of 9
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