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6 top money saving tips for a memorable wedding


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Make your wedding a memorable one by sticking to the budget. Buy dresses for wedding at reasonable rates and plan things wisely.

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6 top money saving tips for a memorable wedding

  1. 1. 6 Top Money Saving Tips for A Memorable Wedding Wedding Vendors Worldwide
  2. 2. 6 Top Money Saving Tips for A Memora Marriage is the once in life time occasion. So, it has to be celebrated in such a way that it leaves a life time memory to you and everyone who attended your marriage. But if you spend lavishly, in a reckless manner in the economic age of today, you will be left to repent and face economic hardship in later days. So, it is wise to spend as less as possible and still make your marriage ceremony memorable. Here are a few tips that you may use to cut unnecessary… Page 1 of 7
  3. 3. expenditure of your marriage: 1. Make an operative budget First and foremost, you must know how much money you have and how much would you like to spend on your marriage. It is never suggested to spend extra than your actual capacity and become a debtor. There are some necessary expenses that must be incurred while other may be curtailed and modified. Remember the old saying,… Page 2 of 7 6 Top Money Saving Tips for A Memora
  4. 4. Page 3 of 7 “cut your coat according to your size” and be sure that there is nothing impossible if you plan and act accordingly. You may discuss with your well-wishers, family members. 2. Make a guest list It so happens sometimes that the people invite many guests mindlessly. Remember the more the guests, more will be the expenditure. So, wisely prepare a list of guests ensuring no close relative or friend is left uninvited. 6 Top Money Saving Tips for A Memora
  5. 5. 3. Fix your wedding day wisely It is experienced by many people and you can also use the idea to plan your wedding during festive seasons such as Sallah (Eids), Christmas, Holi, etc. you will get benefit of market competition in buying thing and your guest will be also supportive. Further, if possible plan your wedding on weekdays. You will get the benefits of guests staying for short period only. 4. Plan food items carefully Page 4 of 7 6 Top Money Saving Tips for A Memora
  6. 6. Tell your caterer to prepare only those dishes that are liked and eaten by the guests. Don’t go for show off. It will create wastage as well as enhance your expenditure. You may opt for the local dishes that are cheaper and generally not available in the market. It will create long time memory of your marriage. 5. Go for traditional wedding attire Page 5 of 7 6 Top Money Saving Tips for A Memora
  7. 7. It is no wise idea to buy many dresses for wedding that are of latest fashion and very costly. You must take care of the matter that fashion is changing fastly and your latest fashion dress will be outdated in the coming near future. But the traditional dress has long time effect on the memory of the people who attended your marriage. Buy less number of dresses and be updated with latest fashion trends in future. Page 6 of 7 6 Top Money Saving Tips for A Memorable Wedding
  8. 8. 6. Choose your venue wisely If you believe me, it is not a good thing to plan your marriage to be held in a five star hotel. You can book a cheaper marriage hall, government/community hall to cut the cost on the venue. Even an empty space of your locality decorated with music, flowers and tents can be used for the purpose. Page 7 of 7 6 Top Money Saving Tips for A Memorable Wedding
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