Real Estate Benefits of Google Plus


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Benefits for Real Estate Agents on Google Plus. Here are some tips and tricks about Google Plus that Real Estate Sales representatives could benefit from.

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Real Estate Benefits of Google Plus

  1. 1. REAL ESTATE BENEFITS OF GOOGLE PLUSPART TWO Presentation by Webtech Dezine Click for a 10-day free trial 
  2. 2. Not Another Social Network! Why should we join Google Plus? We already have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Active Rainetc., what’s the point? How is Google Plus going to help my business?
  3. 3. Google Plus Creates Buzz There is no reason to stop using other social networks and completely focus on Google Plus. We don’t know how long Google Plus will last. However, we know that the number one information engine on the web has a social network receiving a lot of buzz. So join now!Like us on Facebook and we would send you an invitation
  4. 4. Remember, each day you don’t join, Your competition increasesoptimization of their page on Google Plus. They are putting in thehard work now with Google Plus which will make it harder for youlater.Like us on Facebook and we would send you an invitation
  5. 5. What are the benefits of Google Plus ?  In its Beta Stage, there are 42 different languages supported on Google Plus.  Real Estate sales representative are multicultural because of the types of clients they have.  The language feature will help Real Estate sales representatives categorize their posts according to the needs of their clients. Each client can be placed in a circle and Real Estate sales representative can categorize them according to language.  Once Google Plus has been fully launched, the language variation would sky-rocket.Don’t know what Circles are? See Previous post here
  6. 6. More benefits of Google Plus.. Real time was a search feature that included real time information on any topic on the web. Google has shut the real time feature down and now they have “Sparks” in their social network which serves the same purpose. Your Real Estate information can serve as real time information for your clients.Don’t know what Sparks are? See Previous post here
  7. 7. Even More benefits of Google Plus... The profile page is a great SEO benefit. It allows Real Estate sales representative optimize their descriptions for the web and their specific target market. It allows Real Estate sales representative upload photos, videos, links, QR codes and specific keywords about thier business that the Google spiders can crawl. E.g, if in the description, you have Oakville Real Estate appearing numerous times, then your ranking for that keyword would increase and because Google Plus is a Google Social Network, it increases your chance to be on the first page. It would also be advisable to link the keywords to your website to increase traffic also.
  8. 8. Even More benefits of Google Plus..  The Hangout feature is also an extremely powerful tool.  Once integrated with smart-phones and tablets, Real Estate sales representatives will be able to communicate with their clients in different circles quickly and efficiently.  They will also be able to show clients video tours via the hangout feature without necessarily being at their office desk.
  9. 9. Final benefits of Google Plus... Google has been analyzing Facebook for years and they know the loopholes in the Facebook design and user experience. The groups feature on Facebook can be compared to the Circles feature on Google Plus. This feature helps group individuals of similar interest. Google Plus allows its users assign their friends into different circles without the need for approval. Some categories that Real Estate sales representatives could use in the naming convention of their circles are; Home Buyers, Home sellers, Condo Buyers, Condo Sellers, Semi-detached Buyers, Residential clients, commercial clients etc. This helps the Sales representative send targeted messages to each circle according to their needs.
  10. 10. Final Tips Always use your Real Name on Google Plus or else your account could get suspended. E.g, If your Real Name is Tom Brady and on Google Plus it is TomBrady RealEstate. Your account will be suspended. You can export Your Facebook Contacts to Google Plus see here. If you are tired of notifications from a particular post, you can mute it. In your notifications section, you will see this icon click on it and below to the right you will see mute post and you will no longer get notifications about that post.
  11. 11. Connect with Us and Share some benefits you have.Click on the Icons to connect with us
  12. 12. Need a Real Estate Website? Webtech Dezine is offering a 10-day free trial. You have nothing to lose so register for the free trial here
  13. 13. Thank You If you want more posts like these please leave a comment on this one to let us know.