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Brokers recruiting onlineGo where your clients areIt is important to go where your clients are; Lurk and listen for a whil...
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How brokers should recruit online


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Learn how brokers should recruit real estate sales agents and professionals online. For more information, Visit

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How brokers should recruit online

  1. 1. Brokers recruiting onlineGo where your clients areIt is important to go where your clients are; Lurk and listen for a while to their conversations online.What are their concerns? What challenges are they having in the brokerage they belong to? The bestplace to get this information would be Active Rain. Many real estate agents share these concerns on thissite and as a broker looking to recruit, it is important that you are taking note of these concerns andacting as a problem solver with the information you provide.Be Consistent Social Media is just like a relationship. It takes time to build trust and this trust is built on consistency.Be consistent in your social media efforts. Are you posting 3 times a week, be consistent with that. Haveyou set a goal to network with 5 people this week, be consistent with that. The consistency of theinformation you provide, establishes you as an authoritative figure in your field and earns the trust ofpotential clients.Ask for recommendationsPeople online trust the reviews of others online before they believe the information you put on yourwebsite. Make sure to ask your current agents to write recommendations on your social media profiles.You can also film video testimonials as we know video marketing is very powerful. This has the ability ifwell done to go viral and you would have agents joining your brokerage based on the recommendationof others. "Your videos should be both creative and informative. The information your video has willget people clicking and watching it but the creativity of your video will get people sharing it."Build a sense of Community on these social media profilesBe sure to network online with the agents you already have. Offer the agents tips and advice to succeedin the industry. Be a source of information to them and make them feel like part of a family. People liketo belong to a group so building a sense of community goes viral quickly online. This would encourageother agents to join your own community (brokerage). Social media takes time so be realistic with yourexpectations. Do not expect to see results after your first post online even if it happens sometimes. Anideal expectation of results would be after 90 days of consistent supply of information and communitybuilding. Work with the agents you have and others will join you eventually. If 50 agents are not happywith your company and your services, why do you deserve one more?Offer Incentives and display this through social media.Human beings are highly driven by incentives. Offering incentives creates engagement on social mediaprofiles and always gets a lot of buzz depending on what is being offered. Offer something exciting andthe people in your present network will spread your message.Sites to use are; Facebook, Twitter, Active Rain, LinkedIn, Trulia, Zillow