Google Plus for Real Estate Agents


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Google plus is a new social network that real estate professionals can take advantage of. This post shows the different features Google plus has and offers suggestions on how real estate agents can use it

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Google Plus for Real Estate Agents

  1. 1. Google Plus: Why should Real Estate Agents Care? Presentation by Webtech Dezine Click for 10-day free trail
  2. 2. What IS Google PLUS?
  3. 3. WHAT IS Google PLUS?• Google plus is the new social networking service from Google.• It enables information sharing, status updates, photos, links etc.• This information would be shared with different groups of people.
  4. 4. Features of Google PLUS• Circles• Hangouts• Sparks• Huddles
  5. 5. Features of Google PLUS• Circles
  6. 6. Features of Google PLUS• Circles- This where your friend list is categorized allowing you choose who to share certain information with.-There are already preset categories like Friends, Family, Following, Acquaintances etc.-It is possible to also build circles of your ownReal Estate Tip: You can categorize your clients using this feature.
  7. 7. Features of Google PLUS• Hangouts
  8. 8. Features of Google PLUS• Hangouts- This enables users have group video chats.- They can watch YouTube videos together while seeing each other’s reactions.- It has a camera switching feature which enlarges the camera based on who’s talking.-Real Estate Tip: Real Estate Agents can share Video Tours with clients and see their reactions and immediately address questions the clients may have.
  9. 9. Features of Google PLUS• Sparks
  10. 10. Features of Google PLUS• Sparks- Allows users get information about content they are interested in.- It functions like a search engine but it recommends content specifically targeted to the user. This content includes articles, videos and blogs from all over the web.- Real Estate Tip: Real Estate agents can track industry news using this feature.
  11. 11. Features of Google PLUS• Huddle
  12. 12. Features of Google PLUS• Huddle- This is a group texting feature for circles.- This allows you communicate with a certain group of people on the go.- The mobile feature also allows instant photo uploads.- The mobile site is Estate Tip: This allows Real Estate agents communicate with certain clients on the go. It is also possible to communicate with just one client as opposed to groups.
  13. 13. Need Invitations for Google PLUS?Become a Fan of Gabrielle Jeans on Facebook Follow us on Twitter and Tweet (Google Plus) Real Estate Website has a 10-day free trial
  14. 14. Done