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Your Business Plan


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Slides for Annalee Newtiz's presentation at Webstock 09

Published in: Technology, Education
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Your Business Plan

  1. 1. Your Business Plan Is Science Fiction Annalee Newitz
  2. 3. science fiction is cultural baggage it's heavy but you need it if you want to change your underwear
  3. 4. “cyberspace” is a metaphor, not a prediction
  4. 5. Tron (1982)‏
  5. 6. The Matrix (1999)‏
  6. 7. A tale of two androids
  7. 8. Battlestar Galactica cylon
  8. 9. the friendly droid from Android
  9. 10. your mobile might be a happy servant or an angry, subversive slave
  10. 11. Am I a superhero or a supervillain?
  11. 12. Our language for describing wearable computers far outstrips the products available.
  12. 13. Fluid Interface and Exoskeleton
  13. 14. wearable computers are nestled inside stories about superpowers run amok
  14. 15. sadly the Segway wasn't superpowered enough
  15. 16. many RFID passports and bluetooth devices default to protected mode
  16. 17. can I be programmed like a computer?
  17. 18. Dollhouse (2009)‏
  18. 19. Brain-Computer Interface Systems BrainGate neural “ pacemaker”
  19. 20. new interfaces trigger fears of bodily violation and mind control
  20. 21. but Facebook would never hurt you
  21. 22. how do you escape from science fiction?
  22. 23. <ul><li>work within the narrative </li></ul><ul><li>tell new stories that counteract the old ones </li></ul><ul><li>pay attention to the fears expressed and address them </li></ul>