What Bathroom Mirror Should You Buy?


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Once you've chosen your brand new bathroom suite you'll want to pick out the perfect accessories, fixtures and fittings to show it off.

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What Bathroom Mirror Should You Buy?

  1. 1. What Bathroom Mirror Should You Buy?
  2. 2. Once you've chosen your brand new bathroom suite you'll want to pick out the perfect accessories, fixtures and fittings to show it off. The mirror is an essential bathroom fixture and the style that you choose should depend on how you and your family use the bathroom.
  3. 3. By using mirrors in a bathroom it is a great way of creating the illusion of space. They’re great for making a small space seem larger and brighter.
  4. 4. There are plenty of different styles of mirrors you can choose from whether you want just a mirror or if you want a mirrored cabinet to store your bathroom toiletries in.
  5. 5. If you’re not sure on which mirror you should buy then I would recommend the illuminated mirror cabinets. They come in many different styles and finishes so you’ll be able to find the right one for your new bathroom.
  6. 6. Illuminated Bathroom Cabinets/Mirrors
  7. 7. The illuminated bathroom mirrors makes a really nice focal point in a bathroom. As well as creating a feeling of space, it provides somewhere well lit for your every day needs such as shaving and make up application.
  8. 8. You’ll see that the Illuminated bathroom mirrors come in two different types. The lights are either mounted externally and sit down the sides or above the mirror. They can also be built into the body of the mirror and sit behind the glass.
  9. 9. Illuminated mirrors can have very handy features such as a demister pad, so no matter how steamy your bathroom gets your mirror will still be crystal clear. They can also have build in 240 volt shaver sockets for when you want to charge your electric shaver or toothbrush.
  10. 10. Illuminated mirrors can have built in on/off infrared sensors which makes it a very simple and hygienic way to turn the mirror on and off as you don't need to touch it.
  11. 11. The reason why you may choose a mirror cabinet over just a mirror is because they’re great for when you need to de-clutter your bathroom. With a mirror cabinet, the mirrors are usually attached to the cabinet doors and sit within the door panels.
  12. 12. Before you decide to purchase your chosen bathroom mirror you need to bear in mind that if you decide to pick an illuminated mirror, they will require a mains electricity supply.
  13. 13. Still unsure what to go for? Contact us today! For the finest Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors on the market. https://www.modern-mirror-design.co.uk/ 01249 481 579