Things That Are Woven


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If you’ve ever taken part in swimming lessons, part of the boy scouts of brownies then you may have been excited to receive your woven badge.

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Things That Are Woven

  2. 2. If you look around you, you’ll find that a lot of things you come across on a day-to-day basis are woven.Whether it’s the furniture you sit, rugs or clothes.
  3. 3. WOVEN BASKETS Wicker is a woven fibre which is formed into a rigid material and then used to make baskets or furniture. Baskets have been around for centuries and the technique to making them hasn’t changed.
  4. 4. WOVEN FURNITURE When looking for a new set of tables and chairs for your garden you’ll find that there are a lot of woven sets of furniture. Woven furniture is good for the garden because they’re very durable and take rain or shine.
  5. 5. WOVEN SHOES If woven bags wasn’t enough you can also buy woven shoes. These types of shoes are great, especially In the Spring/Summer time when you don’t want hot, sweaty feet.
  6. 6. WOVEN BAGS As we’re starting to become more environmentally friendly so is our fashion.Woven bags tend to be made from straw which makes them eco friendly and reusable. You’ll find there are plenty of fun and colourful designs for these types of bags
  7. 7. WOVEN RUGS Many of the rugs you see would have been woven.You can get rugs in all sort of colours and patterns.
  8. 8. WOVEN BADGES If you’ve ever taken part in swimming lessons, part of the boy scouts of brownies then you may have been excited to receive your woven badge which is then usually either sewn onto a towel, your bags or even shirts/jumpers.
  9. 9. WOVEN PLACE MATS Woven place mats are great because they’re cheap and you can find them in all sorts of colours and sizes.They will make your dinner table look stylish and ready for your next big family meal.
  10. 10. WOVEN BOXES If you walk around a homeware store you’re almost guaranteed to come across some form of woven box.These types of boxes are quite often used to hold dirty laundry or clothes as they’re lightweight, cheap and keeps things tidy.
  11. 11. WOVEN JEWELLERY Woven Jewellery is very popular amongst females and males.Woven bracelets especially appear to be very fashionable as they’re simple, stylish and are usually relatively cheap to buy.They can be made from materials such as leather or other fabrics are can find them in all sorts of colours.
  12. 12. WOVEN SCARFS Woven scarfs are very popular as they’re fashionable, cheap and you can find them in any colour or pattern that you want.You can usually find these types of scarfs in any retail shop or at your local market.
  13. 13. WOVEN BLINDS Instead of buying your standard curtains why don’t you look into getting some woven blinds instead? They’re modern and stylish and will make a room appear bigger. If you opt for light colours blinds it will make your room feel lighter which is great for the Summer.