Mulderrigs Solicitors: The Services We Offer


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Founded by Paul Mulderrig, Mulderrigs Solicitors are a successful firm of solicitors who have been successfully helping clients in a range of fields for many years.

Read on to find out about some of the services that Mulderrigs have to offer.

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Mulderrigs Solicitors: The Services We Offer

  1. 1. Mulderrigs Solicitors THE SERVICES WE OFFER
  2. 2. Founded by Paul Mulderrig, this successful firm of solicitors has been successfully helping clients in a range of fields for many years.
  3. 3. The friendly team have a range of different specialisms meaning that they in turn can offer a wide, diverse range of services.
  4. 4. Read on to find out about some of the services that Mulderrigs have to offer.
  5. 5. Football Injuries If you've been injured as a result of a stupid or careless challenge, Mulderrigs can help.
  6. 6. Claims Against Hairdressers Having a bad hair cut is terrible but can be solved on your own. If your trip to the hairdressers has left you with burns or permanent damage however a lawyer may be needed. Get in touch today if this applies to you.
  7. 7. Professional Negligence Claims against solicitors needn’t be a case of David vs Goliath if you choose Mulderrigs.
  8. 8. Claims Against The Police With over 15,000 officers in the UK inaccurate arrests or the use of excessive force can happen. Contact Mulderrigs if you have suffered at the hands of the law when you weren’t at fault.
  9. 9. Pedestrian Accident If you’ve been the victim of a careless motorist you maybe entitled to compensation. Give us a call if you’d like to discuss your claim.
  10. 10. Trip, Slip or Fall Mulderrigs have been dealing with trip, slip and fall incidents for over 25 years. If you’ve fallen because of something incorrectly placed or a lack of signs then you may have a case.
  11. 11. Accident at Work Accidents in the workplace are common. For more information and to see if you have a claim, visit our website.
  12. 12. Motorcycle Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are more common than we’d like them to be. If you’re a motorcyclist that’s been in an accident at caused by somebody else then you will have a claim.
  13. 13. Medical Negligence It’s horrible to think that the person looking after you in hospital could actually make things worse. This is why we offer people full support who have medical negligence claims.
  14. 14. Holiday Accidents There’s nothing worse than having your holiday ruined by an accident. Especially when it wasn’t your own fault. Contact Mulderrigs today as they may be able to secure you compensation.
  15. 15. Make sure you visit the Mulderrigs website to read previous cases studies. You never know they might be the help you’ve been looking for.
  16. 16. Visit the website today for more information or to request a call back. From claims against solicitors to a simple trip on a wet floor, no claim is to big or small.