A Day Out In London


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As a wheelchair user, a lot more preparation has to go into an average day out than you might think.

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A Day Out In London

  2. 2. As a wheelchair user, a lot more preparation has to go into an average day out than you might think.
  3. 3. That’s why I was so happy when my sister told me she had arranged a whole day out in London during the Easter Half Term.
  4. 4. We caught the train from our hometown in Hove directly into London’s Victoria station. The Southern train had a designated wheelchair space, but she had to book it online first.
  5. 5. Once we arrived on London, we debated on what mode of transport to get next. I wanted to get a tube but as it was during the morning rush my sister said we’d try it later.
  6. 6. We opted for a cab.Wheelchair accessible vehicles can be easily found in London, you just need to pre- book your taxi.
  7. 7. The first stop was the London Eye, something I’ve been wanted to do for a long time.
  8. 8. We had advanced tickets so we didn’t need to queue for too long. Once inside the capsule it was a few minutes before we were soring high above London.
  9. 9. It was around 11:30 by the time we were done at the London Eye so my sister agreed to getting the tube.
  10. 10. We got a cab across to Westminster tube station.We went here as we knew that their was wheelchair access.
  11. 11. We got an elevator down the right platform and then with some help from a DHL official, I was seated for my first tube ride.
  12. 12. We rode all the way to Covent Garden which is renowned for how disabled ‘unfriendly’ it is. Someone suggested we stay on for another stop and walk.
  13. 13. Covent Garden was really fun.There was acrobatics, street performers and more going on the streets.We really enjoyed going around and seeing the sights.
  14. 14. We stayed in the area to have lunch before jumping in another cab to take us to the theatre, the choice of entertainment for the afternoon.
  15. 15. We saw the matinee of The Book Of Mormon, a hilarious show by the makers of South Park.
  16. 16. Finding wheelchair accessible vehicles outside the theatre wasn’t an easy task and we couldn’t pre-book one. Panic settled in and we worried that we were going to miss our train from Victoria.
  17. 17. Luckily we made it. On the train back home I wondered what it would be like to live in London.
  18. 18. How would I get around? I couldn’t rely on the tube all the time. At home my parents have wheelchair accessible vehicles that I can get my chair into, I wonder if this is common practice in the capital?
  19. 19. After a great day out, it was time for a quick cup of tea and thank you to my sister before heading to bed.