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Beautiful and Professional Desiger Weebly Templates to help you Weebly website look awesome and get more traffic. DivTag Templates has gorgeous themes that can transform your website.

No more frustration with ugly "standard" designs, no more struggling with codes.

Our designs are simple to install, and comes with step-by-step customization guides to help you get the perfect website design.

Built for all Weebly users and created for all skill levels, you don't have to have strong computer technical skills to be able to make your website look great.

Visit DivTag Templates at http://divtagtemplates.com

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Weebly Templates - Website Builder Design

  1. 1. Love Weebly? You’ll Love DivTag TemplatesGet a Beautiful Weebly Design in Minutes Without any Technical Knowledge Built for Weebly Users - Created for All Skill Levels http://DivTagTemplates.com
  2. 2. You’re probably struggling with your Weeblydesign, and that’s why you spent time andeffort, and found us through a customerreferral or Google….What if I told you there is an easier andpainless way to make your Weebly websitebeautiful and professional? http://DivTagTemplates.com
  3. 3. Great news – You’ve come to the right place and we can help you.Before we dive into howwe can help you, and howwe’ve helped tens ofthousands of Weebly usersjust like you, I’ll quicklyintroduce ourselves. http://DivTagTemplates.com
  4. 4. This is Jeremy and I’m here with my Wife and Co-Founder Connie http://DivTagTemplates.com
  5. 5. We’re experts and specialists in Weebly anddesigning Premium Weebly templatesWe’ve helpedthousands of Weeblyusers just like you, inupgrading theirwebsite designs http://DivTagTemplates.com
  6. 6. Just visit our Showcase page andalso our YouTube Channel *.You’ll see some of our real customers’websites, and you’ll see that our freetutorials have been viewed hundreds ofthousands of times. * http://www.youtube.com/DivTagTemplate http://DivTagTemplates.com
  7. 7. Top 4 Problems with Most Templates1) They’re not well designed – your website still doesn’t look perfect2) They don’t show you how to customize the templates3) The instructions are overly technical and hard to follow4) If you have questions – you’re not sure who to ask http://DivTagTemplates.com
  8. 8. They don’t show you:1) Exactly how their template works and what you get2) Show you real / “normal” people using their templates3) Demonstrating they are intimately familiar with Weebly That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence and trust, agree? http://DivTagTemplates.com
  9. 9. DivTag Templates can help make your website look great!Say Goodbye to design frustrationsand hard-to-understand instructions Say Hello to the “DivTag Process” http://DivTagTemplates.com
  10. 10. This is what you will get:1) Pick a design with our powerful features sorting tool Sort by Category Sort by Features http://DivTagTemplates.com
  11. 11. This is what you will get:2) Follow our simple text / video guides to install and customize the template [Thousands of Weebly users have done it - You can do it too] http://DivTagTemplates.com
  12. 12. This is what you will get: 3) Our Wiki has an abundance of information and tips to help you every step of the way – you won’t feel lost at allWiki Search Bar http://DivTagTemplates.com
  13. 13. This is what you will get:4) Email us if you have any questions – even really small ones. We answer all emails personally in 24 hours or less. http://DivTagTemplates.com
  14. 14. The Success of Your Website Design is our #1 GoalWe have a lot of premium templates and add-ons foryou to choose fromSo your website design will look great – and make youlook good We want you to come back again and again as a happy,repeat customer http://DivTagTemplates.com
  15. 15. Why do we Care?It’s simply good for us – to have you as a satisfied,loyal, repeat customerSo we understand it: First experiences countWe want to build a long term relationship with youMore than 1 in 2 (62%) of our customers are repeatcustomers – there are good reasons for that http://DivTagTemplates.com
  16. 16. What are our Customers saying? “The future belongs to enablers like Weebly and DivTag Templates. Actually not the future, the present. Excellent products, super affordable, and great customer service. Jeremy and Connie at DivTag Templates are Superstars. Give them a go. You won’t be sorry.” - Denna Jones, Writer, Contributing Editor to COVER Magazine http://www.dennajoneswriter.com/ http://DivTagTemplates.com
  17. 17. What are our Customers saying? “I have been in Marketing and Business Management for over 20 years, and I’ve dealt with, and even managed, Customer Service departments. I’m confident in saying that Jeremy and Connie at DivTag Templates are some of the best customer- oriented people that I’ve ever dealt with. They don’t just answer questions, but they do so clearly, promptly, and in great detail.” - Art Juan, Founder, 8P Consulting LLC http://www.8pconsulting.com/ http://DivTagTemplates.com
  18. 18. Common QuestionsCompatible with Weebly?Yes – our templates are 100% compatible with Weeblyand works with free and paid versions of Weebly (WeeblyPro).Will I lose my website content?No – all your existing website content will automatically betransferred to the new design. You will not lose anything.All Weebly tools will continue to work the same way asbefore. http://DivTagTemplates.com
  19. 19. Summary1) We have thousands of satisfied, repeat customers and students2) Our templates Work – come with easy-to-follow installation and customization guides. We’re very transparent about how our products function3) Got questions? We have answers in our Wiki. Or email us – no matter how small you think the issue is. We’ll answer in less than 1 day http://DivTagTemplates.com
  20. 20. Try us out for FreeFeeling a bit unsure of the entire process?We want you to try us out – Risk-FreeYou’ll find a free template with instructions which youcan download on our Template Product PageGive it a test drive – see how easy it really is. There’s norisk to you. Visit us at http://DivTagTemplates.com http://DivTagTemplates.com