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Marketing Ecosystems


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Marketing Ecosystems

  1. 1. What is a Marketing Ecosystem
  2. 2. What is a Marketing Ecosystem3/29/2011 2 WebsiteBiz
  3. 3. OK so what is it?  Amplifies power • Configure businesses and their ideas into new wholes with mutually- reinforcing effects. • Marketing ecosystems enable new insights, new strategies, and new dimensions of performance at a potential “total view” level.  Creates of novelty • Provide a new language to communicate strategic concepts. • They are a step forward in confronting a mass of new medias and complexities with ideas and perspectives.  Aligns innovation • Help manage the traffic between ideas and behavior.  New rules of the game • Change the nature of competition.3/29/2011 3 WebsiteBiz
  4. 4. Its like a Pizza…  Let’s do the math… • If you have 8 people over for pizza a beer and they average 2 slices a person, how many pizzas do you need? • If you answered 2, you are correct!3/29/2011 4 WebsiteBiz
  5. 5. What if…  You only had 1 and a half pizza’s?  Some will go hungry!3/29/2011 5 WebsiteBiz
  6. 6. It’s very similar to supply and demand  Customers exists in every arm of the ecosystem  SO SHOULD YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS3/29/2011 6 WebsiteBiz
  7. 7. You can’t make everyone happy  Pizza is easy…marketing is hard • So how do we accomplish our goals?  This is only the most of hungry of folks… • How do we feed everyone?  Research  Test  Fail or Succeed  Research more  Test more  More failure or more success  Define objectives and goals  Provide business case for: • The right vehicle • That meets the right objective or goal • That meets the right person3/29/2011 7 WebsiteBiz