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Get More Conversions with Retargeting


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Get More Conversions with Retargeting

  1. 1. Agenda What is Retargeting? Why Retargeting? How does it work? Real World Examples
  2. 2. What is Retargeting?  Retargeting allows you to show ads to website visitors who have visited your site, but left without converting 08/11/2010 2 WebsiteBiz
  3. 3. Why Retargeting?  Retargeting is a proven tactic that has shown significantly higher conversion rates than other methods of targeting Source: AdReady 08/11/2010 3 WebsiteBiz
  4. 4. Why Retargeting?  On average, 98% of all website visitors leave without converting • These “lost visitors” have a greater chance of converting later since they have already shown interest in your brand  Keep brand top of mind as they comparison shop  Easy Implementation Sources: Fetchback 08/11/2010 4 WebsiteBiz
  5. 5. How Does it Work?  Tracking pixels are placed on your website  Visitors to come to your website are captured in a database  Visitors are served ads as they browse their favorite websites  Because the brand is kept top of mind, they return and convert 08/11/2010 5 WebsiteBiz
  6. 6. Real World Applications  Basic Example • Capture all visitors that visit your homepage and begin Retargeting them  Create a unique message or offer to get these visitors to come back and convert  Advanced Example • Segment your audience based the behavior the exhibit on your site  Product or content category that was visited  Shopping cart abandonment 08/11/2010 6 WebsiteBiz
  7. 7. Conclusion  STOP burning media dollars and START maximizing conversions with a retargeting campaign. 08/11/2010 7 WebsiteBiz