Brand vs. Direct Response Display Campaigns


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Brand vs. Direct Response Display Campaigns

  1. 1. Branding vs.Direct Response
  2. 2. The Role Of Display Advertising  Paid Search isn’t enough.  Display allows you to target people based on their pre-established behaviors. For Example: Getting a paid search ad for Getting served an ad or offer Ashley Furniture when you VS. when you’re on a interior search for “mattress.” decorating website or blog.6/8/2011 2 WebsiteBiz
  3. 3. Types of Display Ads  Branding example  Direct Response example6/8/2011 3 WebsiteBiz
  4. 4. Branding Display Ads  Branding is the immediate image, emotion, or message people experience when they think of a company or product.  Are often single site buys, sponsorships, pre-roll, or rich media.  Drives users to content within your site or social space.  Messaging: “Learn More”, “Introducing”, “Check Us Out”  KPIs: CTR, Roll-overs, Plays, Engagement6/8/2011 4 WebsiteBiz
  5. 5. Branding Display Example: Interactive Rich Media6/8/2011 5 WebsiteBiz
  6. 6. Direct Response Display Ads  Also called “Acquisition Campaign,” this type of ad solicits a direct response which is specific and quantifiable.  Needs an explicit “Call to Action,” and the ability to take that action once on landing page (fill out form, email, call, purchase).  Drives users to a landing page where that specific action can be taken within 1 or 2 clicks.  Messaging: “Buy Now”, “Shop Now”, “Get it Now”, “Contact Us”, and usually has a dollar amount or number offer included  KPIs: Cost Per Order, Revenue Per Media Dollar, Cost Per Lead6/8/2011 6 WebsiteBiz
  7. 7. Quick Comparison: Branding vs. Direct Response6/8/2011 7 WebsiteBiz
  8. 8. Learn More  Have questions about how to effectively develop and optimize a display advertising strategy and determine the right mix?  Contact us to learn how we’ve helped leading marketers achieve unmatched results.  Toll free: 888-901-7434  Web: www.websitebiz.com6/8/2011 8 WebsiteBiz