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DFB2B 2016 - Hoe je als markteer waarde toevoegt aan je bedrijf.


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Henry Robben - Hoe je als markteer waarde toevoegt aan je bedrijf.
Digital Future of B2B 2016 - High Tech Campus Eindhoven

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DFB2B 2016 - Hoe je als markteer waarde toevoegt aan je bedrijf.

  1. 1. @henryrobben marketingstrategy Marketing With Balls reinventing the way marketers do marketing Prof.dr. Henry ROBBEN Nyenrode Business Universiteit
  2. 2. Nice to meet you! Let’s stay in touch. Professor of Marketing ● Advisor ● Catalyst ● Strategic decision processes ● Reading ● First-Person Shooters ● Cycling ● Oranje +31 626 556 572 Henry Robben henry_robben henryrobben 2
  3. 3. @henryrobben marketingstrategy It’s a page-turner, innovative, fast- paced, normative, eye-opening, science-based, and sphincter- tightening. 3
  4. 4. discover manage respect maintain reclaim embrace passion ● curiosity ● imagination vision ● decisiveness ● execution authenticity ● balance ● openness our raison d’être the impact we have lost in a transparant society
  5. 5. @henryrobben marketingstrategy dear marketer! 5
  6. 6. @henryrobben marketingstrategy 6 There’s something rotten in the state of Marketing n o t s e e n a s l e a d e r s ! n o t i n t h e b o a r d ! n o t l e a d i n g
  7. 7. @henryrobben marketingstrategy
  8. 8. @henryrobben marketingstrategy
  9. 9. @henryrobben marketingstrategy 9 marketing is: building sustainable business a competence, not a department by definition, it is people business
  10. 10. @henryrobben marketingstrategy 10
  11. 11. @henryrobben marketingstrategy The Bright Side Passion Curiosity Imagination Vision Decisiveness Execute Authenticity Balance Openness
  12. 12. @henryrobben marketingstrategy CompanyPerformance Characteristic / Behavior Characteristic /
  13. 13. @henryrobben marketingstrategy The Offside The Bright Side The Dark Side apathetic passionate obsessed disinterested curious paranoid sterile imaginative disconnected purposeless visionary fundamentalist undecided decisive arrogant paralysed executive bully subjugated authentic fake meaningless balanced instrumental unreceptive open rude
  14. 14. @henryrobben marketingstrategy What is the value proposition of the marketer in the digital arena?
  15. 15. Leadership Behavior social ! on all levels ! situational
  16. 16. @henryrobben marketingstrategy Marketing Leadership Behavior = ⨍(Personality, Environment) 16
  17. 17. @henryrobben marketingstrategy So what should I do as a marketer?
  18. 18. @henryrobben marketingstrategy Look at yourself as a Piece of Art Self- Management Discovery Respect BHAG R&R C2C 18
  19. 19. discover passion!curiosity!imagination
  20. 20. @henryrobben marketingstrategy Marketers need to pay more attention. 20
  21. 21. Making something great is the goal—Ed Catmull
  22. 22. @henryrobben marketingstrategy Markets have become arenas. If you don’t win, you die. 22
  23. 23. @henryrobben marketingstrategy
  24. 24. @henryrobben marketingstrategy Globalization!Digitization!Responsibilizati on
  25. 25. Analog Customer Exploitation Closed Digital Arena Exploration Open a marketer faces four paradoxes.
  26. 26. @henryrobben marketingstrategy manage vision!decisiveness!execution
  27. 27. we know what to do, we know why we should do it, and we know how to do it yet most businesses and individuals don’t do what’s good for them.
  28. 28. @henryrobben marketingstrategy
  29. 29. @henryrobben marketingstrategy Exploration changing the business Exploitation running the business Capture value@company Creation value@customer
  30. 30. @henryrobben marketingstrategy
  31. 31. Disruption is everywhere. “Disruptive Innovation?” by Christensen, Raynor & McDonald Harvard Business Review, December 2015
  32. 32. Retailing: Amazon (1994) Auctions: eBay (1995) business disruption Search & Advertising: Google (1998) Television: YouTube (2005)
  33. 33. “Now that the asteroid of digitized information has hit, the global economy has changed forever. The era of traditional, hierarchial market domination by dinosaur companies is coming to an end. The world now belongs to smarter, smaller and faster-moving enterprises. This is certainly true now for information-based industries, and it will soon be true for more traditional industries as well.” Salim Ismail – p. 135 The new 
  34. 34. @henryrobben marketingstrategy respect authenticity!balance!openness
  35. 35. De Volkskrant, April 23, 2016
  36. 36. @henryrobben marketingstrategy 43
  37. 37. @henryrobben marketingstrategy 44
  38. 38. @henryrobben marketingstrategy 45
  39. 39. @henryrobben marketingstrategy 46 Marketing Leadership Be on the forefront, creating a significant positive and enduring difference.
  40. 40. @henryrobben marketingstrategy Thank you! That’s it folks! Let’s stay in touch. +31 6 26 556 272