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Fundamentals of web_design


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Some of the key fundamentals that must be kept in mind while designing a Web site. All these elements would be vital if you want to learn Fundamentals of Web design.

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Fundamentals of web_design

  1. 1. A site or website is a central location of various  web pages that are all related and can be  accessed by visiting the home page using a  Browser. What is a Website??
  2. 2. Hyper Text Mark-up Language  HTML is the language used to create webpages. "Hypertext" refers to the hyperlinks that an HTML page may contain. "Mark up language" refers to the way tags are used to define the page layout and elements within the page.
  3. 3. Design isn't just visual  Design has a stigma as solely the visual part of the website. This couldn't be more false or misunderstood.
  4. 4. Design is in detail  Details are capable of making a 'good' design 'great'. Attention to detail in a user experience can be the difference between a satisfied user and an annoyed one. Having the right shade of blue or wrapping the link around particular text really matters.
  5. 5. When designing, sketch often  The benefits of sketching user experiences are well documented well. Sketching helps you think about content, hierarchy and flow among other aspects. Sketches are cheap, easy to do and very fast.
  6. 6. Design is all about problem solving  You should approach design as a set of problems that require solutions. Everything on the page should have a reason for being there and be solving a specific problem for the user or design.
  7. 7. Keep an inspiration folder  Keep a gallery of all of the things that inspire you visually. These can be photos, videos, and websites; anything that may spark ideas for a solution to the particular design problem you're facing.