Webley MD Reminders patient notification service brief overview 2011


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A brief introduction to Webley MD Reminders, an automated patient notification service. Covers key features, key benefits, use cases, and how it works.

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  • Webley MD Reminders patient notification service brief overview 2011

    1. 1. Empowering Your Practice With Patient Notifications WEBLEY MD REMINDERS OVERVIEWSimplifying and Unifying Communications Through Technology
    2. 2. Characteristics of Top Performing Practices The Annual MGMA Performance and Practices of Successful Medical Groups Report found that better performing medical practices excelled in four areas: 1. Profitability and cost management – Business and strategic planning, careful monitoring of costs – Looks at and adjusts payor mix, terminates relationship w/ poor payors 2. Productivity, capacity and staffing – Better performing practices were more likely to use automated telephone reminder calls (40.3% vs. 18.8%) – More procedures & high revenue per physician – Higher physician compensation and benefits 3. Accounts receivable and collections – Understanding & improving billing 4. Patient satisfactionSimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
    3. 3. Webley MD Reminders Helps You Meet Your Goals Grow Improve Office Increase Revenues Efficiency Patient • Decrease no • Less time spent Satisfaction shows by 30% or on the phone • Flexible , more • More time for in- personalized • Increase revenue office patient communications • Generate care (voice, e-mail) additional visits • Reduce postage • Provide greater • Improve cash costs convenience to flow • Easy tracking of patients appointment • Improved confirmations & communication cancellationsSimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
    4. 4. Webley MD Automated Patient Message Types Account balance notifications Health Appointment screening reminders notifications Automated Patient messaging Vaccine Lab results notifications reportingSimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
    5. 5. Webley MD Is Easy to Use 2 simple steps and your work is doneSimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
    6. 6. Sending Reminders with Webley MD Takes Minutes Data extraction of appointment information from scheduler Reports are generated Data transmitted to and sent to the Webley MD practice Calls and e-mails Patient specific notify patients messages generatedSimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
    7. 7. Webley MD Reminders Is Right for Your Practice • Highest quality reminders, easy to use, affordable • Corporate Stability, Profitability & Dependability –14 Years of Experience • Free patient – 50,000 + Customers email notifications • Dedicated – Proven Track Record support from your • Supports Voice & E-Mail Messaging own practice – HIPAA Compliant advisor • Patient Message Interactivity Including: • 30 day risk free – Message Repeat trial – Confirmation • Easy Tracking – Summary & Detailed Reports • PMS / EMR Integration • Custom Scripts Upon RequestSimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
    8. 8. For additional information and pricing, contact: Angela Larson / National Sales Manager PH/FAX: 866-280-4281 Email: alarson@webley.com www.webley.comSimplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology