Making the Right Technology Investments for Your Practice


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In this presentation, two industry experts will discuss how automated appointment reminders and automated lab results can have an immediate, measurable impact in key areas of your practice. These affordable, subscriber based medical communication technologies improve the efficiency and profitability of all practices, whether large or small. You’ll learn how to avoid making the costly mistake of failing to invest in technology in order to “save money” in the short run, while harming the long term viability of your practice by continuing to rely on costly, time consuming methods of communication.

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Making the Right Technology Investments for Your Practice

  1. 1. Making the Right Technology Investments for Your Practice January 2010
  2. 2. Agenda • Panel Introductions • Housekeeping Rules • Talk Introduction • Rob Gilpin/Webley MD: Using Automated Messaging to Enhance the Patient Experience • Greg Marcus/Patient Results Network: Best Practices for Results Reporting • Q&A
  3. 3. Housekeeping Rules • Length: 60 minutes • Type your questions at any time • Q & A and gift card drawing will be held after our panelists’ presentations • Copies of presentations will be sent to participants
  4. 4. Introductions • Moderator: Dr. Susan Linton • Panelists: • Rob Gilpin, National Sales Director, Webley MD • Greg Marcus, President, Patient Results Network
  5. 5. Communications Technology & the Bottom Line • In 2008, Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) estimated that $3.4 billion, or $500,000 in nursing productivity per hospital, is lost annually due to “communication delays” • 85% of this loss can be avoided by using communication technologies 5
  6. 6. How Do You Communicate with Your Patients? Real Time Non-Real Time • Phone calls • E-mail • Landline • SMS • Mobile • Voicemail • Voice over IP • Blogs • Instant messaging • Discussion boards • Conferencing • Audio • Web 6
  7. 7. Automating Patient-Practice Communications Patients call PRN for test results & Receive appointment reminders from Webley MD • Lab results available • Voice, E-mail 24 hours a day automated • Eliminates phone reminders tag • Lowers no show • Access from rate by 30% Internet or phone • Better tracking of • Free trial Practices call cancellations, • No contract term confirmations PRN to record test results & Send appointments to Webley MD 8
  8. 8. Using Automated Messaging To Enhance The Patient Experience Simplifying and Unifying Communications Through Technology
  9. 9. Webley Corporate Overview • Founded In 1997 • Industry Pioneer in Advanced Speech Applications: • Virtual PBX & IVR • Unified Communications • After Hours Messaging • Broadcast Messaging (Voice, Text & E-Mail) • 5 International Patents in Advanced Speech • Support 50,000 + Active Customers • Delivering Over 180,000,000 Transactions Per Year • Dependable, Financially Secure & Growing • Numerous Awards For Technology Product of the Year Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  10. 10. What the Experts are Saying Of 2,000 + Practices Surveyed Physicians want to… • 25% report rise in patient no shows • Concentrate on patient care • 33% report decline in revenue. • Increase patient satisfaction • 35% currently have hiring freezes • Market their practices better • Generate additional visits 44% of practices reported a no- • Shorten their revenue cycle show percentage ranging from 5% • Increase office efficiencies to 10% per day In Today’s Struggling Economy…Practices Are Being Challenged To Do More With Less Resources Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  11. 11. Definition of Insanity: “Doing The Same Thing(s) Over and Over Again, But Expecting Different Results” Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  12. 12. The Full Service to Self Service Paradigm Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  13. 13. Examples of Self Service Applications in Medicine • Virtual Visits via E-Mail • Tele-Medicine • The Internet (WebMD, Google, CDC, etc.) • Automated Payment Options (e-Pay) • Practice Websites: • Basic Practice Information • Directions / Office Hours • Services Offered • Pre-Registration Forms • Prescription Requests • FAQ’s • Lab Results Reporting • Scheduling & Reminders Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  14. 14. Self Service Advantages • Reduce In & Outbound Phone Calls (Phone Tag) • Increase Office Efficiency • Reduce Operating Costs • Faster Response Times • 24 by 7 by 365 Day Service • Generate Revenue By Seeing More Patients • Improved Patient Satisfaction & Experiences • Redirect Efforts To Those With More Critical Needs • Harness Available Technologies • Technology Empowers The Patient To Do More • Competitive Advantage Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  15. 15. MGMA Practice Demands Survey Results Do you currently have a practice website: 81% Yes Do you see the internet as an effective tool: 93% Yes Assuming security is not an issue, do you see the Internet as an effective communications medium for: Pre-Registration 89% Yes Appointment Requests 79% Yes Prescription Requests 74% Yes Lab Results Reporting 79% Yes On Line Bill Payment 73% Yes Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  16. 16. MGMA Patient Demands Survey Results  81% of All Patients Have Internet Access  3.7 M Patients Communicate With Physicians On line  Patients Are Better Educated & Demand More Choices  Patients Want To Engage In Shared Decisions Patients Want the Ability To: 77% Ask Questions Without A Visit 71% Automatically Set Appointments 71% Order Prescriptions On Line 69% Receive Automatic Test Results 55% Indicated The Ability To Better Communicate With Their Doctors Would Influence Their Choice of Providers Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  17. 17. Lost Revenue Examples Manual Automated Savings Qty/Month Phone Calls $0.55 $0.15 $0.40 ? Postcards $0.50 $0.15 $0.35 ? Letters $1.00 $0.15 $0.85 ? Manual Calls: 25 PPD @ 21 days = $210 / month plus 10 hours labor Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  18. 18. The Power of Broadcast Messaging Message Types Multimedia Reach Benefits • Appointment Reminders • Landline Phones • Immediate Deployment • No Show Follow ups • Cell Phones • Low Cost • Interactive • Lab Results Ready • E-mail • Fully Automated • Account Balances • SMS Text • Language Options • Emergency Notifications • Delivery Confirmations • Preventive Health • Preference Based Marketing Reminders: • Messages are Fully • Flu Campaigns Customizable • Immunizations • Opt In / Opt Out • Easy to Deploy • Annual Check Ups • 25%+ No Show Reduction • MAM’s, PAP’s, PSA’s etc. • Immediate ROI • Money Back Guarantee Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  19. 19. Standard Appointment Reminder Hello, this is East Bay Medical. We’re calling to remind <Patient First / Last Name> of your appointment with us on <Day> <Month> <Date> at <Time>. If you are unable to keep this appointment for any reason, please call us as soon as possible at 503-456-7890 to cancel or reschedule. This will allow us to offer that appointment time to another patient. Again, that number is 503-456-7890. We look forward to seeing you! Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  20. 20. Sample Patient Response Options • To confirm this appointment, press 1 now. • To cancel this appointment, press 2 now. • To hear this message in Spanish, press 3 now. • To repeat this message, press 4 now. • For directions to our office, press 5 now. • To speak with our receptionist, press 6 now. Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  21. 21. Dr. Baum’s “No Shows Equal No Dollars” Investigate: Webley MD ROI Analysis: • Determine How Many No Shows & Why # of Patients • Identify Any Obstacles % of No Shows $ of Lost Appt Define High Risk Offenders: Current Methods • First Time Patients Booked In Advance • Repeat Offenders • Long Wait Times Prior To Date Of Appointment • Long Wait Times In Office Prior To Time Of Appointment • Medicaid / Self Pay Patients Solutions • Send Automated Appointment Reminders • Reserve Daily Time Slots in a.m. & p.m. for Urgencies & Emergencies • Reserve Daily Time Slots Just For New Patients • Instigate A Three Strike Rule • Always Book Repeat Offenders In Late Afternoon • Charge for Missed Appointments Source: Dr. Neil Baum • See Patients On Time Neurologist / New Orleans, LA Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  22. 22. Example of a Typical ROI for 3 Physician Practice Appointments Per Day: 75 Cost of Lost Appointment: $75 Average No Show Rate: 5% Total Monthly Revenue Generated: $118,125 Revenue Lost Based On 5% No Show: $5,906 Webley Recoverable Revenue @ 30%: $ 1,772 / Month Cost of Webley @ $99/Provider: $297 / Month Net Profit / Month: $1,475 Net Profit / Year: $17,699 Save Time, Money, Improve Office Efficiency & Patient Satisfaction! Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  23. 23. Webley MD Summary Patient Benefits • Increased access to caregivers • Enhanced patient experience • Shorter wait times Practice Benefits • Saves time & money • Improves cash flow • See more patients in less time • Reduce print & postage costs • Creates competitive advantage • More time to focus on pressing matters • Accommodates practices of any size • SAAS model, no equipment to purchase or administrate • Immediate ROI • Money Back Guarantee Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  24. 24. Communications Technology & Patient Care “The demand on physicians to see more patients in less time with less compensation requires more efficient operating strategies. By streamlining communications between doctors and patients, technology can help physicians more effectively manage patient care.” - Modern Physician, 1999 From Outbound to Inbound Initiatives…. 7
  25. 25. Webley Pricing Examples Please contact your local Webley MD Sales Representative for information on pricing or call 866-220-9754. Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  26. 26. Best Practices for Results Reporting January 2010
  27. 27. Patient Results Network Corporate Overview • Founded in 1994 • Innovator of automated lab results reporting service • Complete subscriber based model • Nationwide customer base • Many have been using PRN for over 10 years • Delivers thousands of results 24 hours a day Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  28. 28. Automating Test Results Reporting Benefits of Automated Test Results Reporting • Saves time versus making manual phone calls • Reduces inbound call volume • Cuts down on phone tag • Lets patients interact with the practice at their convenience (24/7 availability) without staff intervention • Delivers results securely, over the phone or online, while respecting patient privacy Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  29. 29. Costs of Not Automating Test Results Reporting Manual Test Results Reporting • “Improper communication of test results can increase risk of malpractice liability” - • No reliable means of tracking calls • Patient inquiries plagued by time consuming, inefficient process • Receptionist answers call • Provider needs to be found (interrupting workflow) • Charts need to be located • Phone tag is common • Patients ask questions unrelated to the test • Process repeated multiple times every day • Mailing results is expensive and time consuming • Need to type letter, address, seal, stamp • Costs at least $1 to mail letter • Delay in getting result to patient • Unclear if patient received results Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  30. 30. No News Is Good News? “A survey of 262 physicians found that only 41% were satisfied with how they managed test results. Most did not have explicit rules for notifying patients of results and many used the dangerous practice of telling patients that “no news is good news.” – Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality No news can lead to heightened patient anxiety Patients might not be getting important test results • Answering machine broken/full/off • Patients out of town • Kids rarely relay messages • Want to hear that everything is fine Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  31. 31. PRN Automated Results Reporting • Results can be recorded on a telephone or from the Internet 24 hours a day • Charts can be filed as soon as results are recorded • Patients can be called when results are available • Reports show the status of messages • Patients appreciate the convenience and improved communication of test results “An automated test results management system can improve patient satisfaction with communication of test results by their primary care provider.” - Archives of Internal Medicine – 11/12/07 Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  32. 32. Sample Patient Instruction Card ® Patient Results Network Instructions 1) Dial 1- 800 - 448 - 8520 ——— 1 week after your test (results will be available on the system for 2 weeks thereafter) 2) Enter provider code 1008 followed by the # key. 3) After Dr. Smith is verified TOUCH 1 4) Enter medical record number 123456 followed by the # key. You can cal l 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ~FAMILY PRACTICE CENTER~ Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  33. 33. Everyone is Comfortable with PRN • Voice prompts in English or Spanish provide step by step instructions • Volume can be increased • Messages can be listened to numerous times Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  34. 34. Sample Report • Patient ID = ID number entered for patient • Date = actual date message was recorded • Time = actual time message was recorded • Duration = actual recording time in seconds • Days on System = days since originally recorded • Lib Number = R-0 means a personal message was recorded for the patient, C means a pre-recorded library message was used Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  35. 35. Retrieval Data From PRN Clients Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  36. 36. How PRN Works Practice gives PRN Tests are sent to Practice records card to patients the lab for Patients can call or results by calling with lab results processing. Lab go online to get PRN or going retrieval date sends results to their results 24/7 online. during office visit. practice. 4 Simple Steps Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  37. 37. ROI for a Typical 3 Physician Practice Manual Calls PRN Time spent on 30 results/day 90 mins 15 mins Time to report one result 3 mins 30 secs Labor cost per day $37.50 $6.50 * 10 results a day/MD = 30 results/day, a typical nurse earns $25/hr Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  38. 38. The Bottom Line Under a typical scenario for a 3 physician practice: • 20 working days a month • Labor cost of nurse calling patients: $750/month • Labor cost of nurse using PRN: $130/month • Monthly cost of PRN: $300/month • Monthly Savings with PRN: $320/month net BOTTOM LINE: PRN Costs You Nothing Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  39. 39. Summary • Available 24 hours a day • Eliminates phone tag • Access from Internet or phone • No special hardware or software required • Free trial • No contract term • At $100 a month per provider how can you go wrong? Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology
  40. 40. Webley Rob Gilpin / National Sales Director 866-220-9754 Patient Results Network Greg Marcus / President 800-613-9050 ext. 24 Simplifying & Unifying Communications Through Technology