Increasing	  Member	  Value	  with	  Social	  Communi7es	  	  -­‐-­‐	  John	  Eikenberry,	  Centrepoint	  
Agenda	  •  What	  are	  we	  trying	  to	  achieve	  and	  how	  can	  social	     media	  help?	  •  How	  do	  we	  cho...
What	  are	  NFPs	  trying	  to	  achieve?	             Inform	                   Recruit	                          Engage...
How	  can	  social	  media	  help?	       Interac7ng	                   Educa7ng	                      Connec7ng	        S...
But	  which	  one	  to	  choose?	                            Icons	  courtesy	  of	  Smashing	  Hub	  ©	  2012	  
Selec7ng	  a	  Social	  PlaEorm	                       Top	  50	  Highest	  Income	  NFPs	                                ...
Isn’t	  doing	  “social”	  well	  expensive?	                           Budget	                          Social	  Success	...
Conversa7ons	  &	  Community	                                           Image	  courtesy	  of	  Taiga	  Company	  ©	  2009...
Adding	  Value	  97%	  of	  NFPs	  say	  they	  always	  need	  new	  donors	  &	  volunteers	  but	  can’t	   easily	  fin...
Growing	  the	  Community	                                                                                           Use	 ...
Communi7es	  complement,	  not	           replace	  Websites	                  eNewsleners	                Print	  Newslen...
Connect	  Website	  &	  Community	  Connect	  your	  website	  to	  your	  community	                                     ...
Measure	                                                               Measure	  your	  Social	  Media	  influence	        ...
Free	  Tools	  Facebook	  Insights	              YouTube	  Insights	  Klout	                                  TwinerCounte...
Thank	  you	  for	  listening	                          	  For	  more	  informa7on,	  contact	  us	  at:	                 ...
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How to Increase Member Value with Social Communities


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Social business is defined as the ability of an organisation to use its online communities to improve its performance.

Most organisations are looking for cost effective and productive ways to interact with their supporters, prospects and staff:

Increase donations by engaging donors.

Engage with members to improve membership retention and increase membership value.

Create valuable new opportunities for membership benefits with the scope for previously untapped monetisation.

Connect members where you to stay at the centre of your valuable community.

Allow your members and donors to create their own communities.

Extend your reach on a secure platform to leverage social media and drive members to your community.

Create communities where members are more involved, with the scope for mentoring and accelerated interaction and feedback.

Streamline internal and external communications across communities and groups with customisable privacy settings.

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How to Increase Member Value with Social Communities

  1. 1. Increasing  Member  Value  with  Social  Communi7es    -­‐-­‐  John  Eikenberry,  Centrepoint  
  2. 2. Agenda  •  What  are  we  trying  to  achieve  and  how  can  social   media  help?  •  How  do  we  choose  the  right  social  media  plaEorm?  •  How  can  I  build  an  effec7ve  social  community?  •  Why  is  a  social  community  important?  •  How  do  I  measure  the  impact  of  my  social  work?  
  3. 3. What  are  NFPs  trying  to  achieve?   Inform   Recruit   Engage   Empower   Mone7ze  
  4. 4. How  can  social  media  help?   Interac7ng   Educa7ng   Connec7ng   Sharing   Subscribing  
  5. 5. But  which  one  to  choose?   Icons  courtesy  of  Smashing  Hub  ©  2012  
  6. 6. Selec7ng  a  Social  PlaEorm   Top  50  Highest  Income  NFPs   Source:  2011  CraigConnects  •  Where  are  your  members?  •  More  importantly,  where  are   your  future  members?   Don’t  forget  the  new,  up-­‐ and-­‐coming  plaEorms  
  7. 7. Isn’t  doing  “social”  well  expensive?   Budget   Social  Success  Assump7on:  You  need  a  big  budget  to  properly  engage  with  social  media  to  make  it  work    Reality:  Budget  doesn’t  correlate  with  social  media  presence  success.    Number  of  posts  also  isn’t  success.              2011  CraigConnects  
  8. 8. Conversa7ons  &  Community   Image  courtesy  of  Taiga  Company  ©  2009  Create  a  sense  of  community  (exper7se,  enabler),  not  organiza7on  (authorita7ve  voice)  •  Post  updates  from  where  the  work  is  being  done,   not  at  a  desk  as  an  a_er-­‐thought  •  Show  a  story  over  7me,  e.g.,  the  prepara7on  for   an  event,  use  of  dona7ons,  social  change  •  Engage  people  in  a  conversa7on  •  Be  willing  to  let  go;  humanize  the  conversa7on  
  9. 9. Adding  Value  97%  of  NFPs  say  they  always  need  new  donors  &  volunteers  but  can’t   easily  find  &  engage  those  who   want  to  help.     James  L.  Knight  Founda7on,  Soul  of  the  Community  Overall  Findings,  2010   88%  of  adults  want  to  be  involved   -­‐-­‐  and  -­‐-­‐   48%  of  adults  say  NFPs  make  it  easy   to  get  involved     Walden  University’s  2012  Social  Change  Impact  Report,  Feb-­‐Mar  2012  76%  of  people  reported  helping  at  least  one  NFP  last  year,  BUT  NFPs   don’t  know  which  one,  when  or   why     James  L.  Knight  Founda7on,  Soul  of  the  Community  Overall  Findings,  2010  
  10. 10. Growing  the  Community   Use  ‘friends’  of  your  members  to  grow  your   community   •  Get  members  to  be  part  of  the   conversa7ons   •  Friends,  who  already  have  similar  values  &   interests,  will  see  the  conversa7ons  and   want  to  get  involved   Image  courtesy  of  Weblink  Int’l  ©  2012   Allow  members  to  add  their  own  stories  &   pictures  to  the  conversa7ons.    Their  friends  will   find  these  stories  &  images  more  believable.  Image:  Only  At  ©  2011   Image:  seyDoggy  ©  2012  
  11. 11. Communi7es  complement,  not   replace  Websites   eNewsleners   Print  Newsleners   Events   Face-­‐to-­‐Face   Images:   Website  –  IconArchive  ©  2012   eNewslener  –  IconFinder  ©  2012   pNewslener  –  MurphyPrin7ng  ©  2011   Events  –  enVision  Financial  ©  2012   Face2Face  –  Iconspedia  ©  2012    
  12. 12. Connect  Website  &  Community  Connect  your  website  to  your  community     -­‐-­‐  AND  –    Connect  your  community  to  your  website   Image  courtesy  of  Telerik  ©  2012   Image  courtesy  of  @Angpang  ©  2012   Image  courtesy  of  Winter  Street  Design  ©  2012  
  13. 13. Measure   Measure  your  Social  Media  influence   •  How  many  unique  people  see  your   message?   •  What  is  being  said  about  your   brand?   •  How  many  people  click  on  a  link?  Image  courtesy  of  DynamicWP  ©  2012   •  How  many  people  re-­‐post  a  link?   •  How  many  people  perform  a  call-­‐ to-­‐ac7on?  
  14. 14. Free  Tools  Facebook  Insights   YouTube  Insights  Klout   TwinerCounter  Google  Analy7cs  
  15. 15. Summary  
  16. 16. Thank  you  for  listening    For  more  informa7on,  contact  us  at:   020  8390  8899  (Yes,  we  are  a  UK  company!)   Conference  House  Ltd.   24  St.  Clements  Passage,  Hun7ngdon  PE29  3TP   Tel:  03707  367367