6 Webiny Booking System - Offers & Payments


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6 Webiny Booking System - Offers & Payments

  1. 1. Booking System GuidePart 6Offers & Payments
  2. 2. • Booking system offers• Exchange rates• Invoices• Offer modules & settings• Payment gatewaysIn this guide we will walk you through theOffers & Payments section of Webiny BookingSystem.This guide will cover the following topics:
  3. 3. Booking system offers• In the View all offers sections you cansee all your booking system offers. Youcan use several filters to view your listof offers, such as offer number, guest,status and language.• In the offer list you can get an offerPDF by clicking on the PDF icon,download voucher by clicking on thedocument icon, view offer page byclicking on the browser icon, edit theoffer by clicking on the pencil icon ordelete the offer by clicking on the reddelete icon.• Also, here you can send distributedoffers, grouped offers, custom e-mails,test offers, mark offers as paid or sendvouchers by marking the offer on thecheckbox and selecting the desiredaction from the menu below the list.
  4. 4. Booking system offers• To create a new offer youneed to select the client,set offer currency, as wellas web, PDF and e-mailtemplates. You can alsoinput the offer discounthere, if applicable.• In the Request detailssection you need tochoose the rightaccomodation type andselect the accomodation.• After you specify thearrival and departuredates and the number ofpets you just need to addguests and then you canbuild offer items.
  5. 5. Booking system offers• If you are generating an offer through the Request manager, your request details,accomodation and extra services will be automatically imported from the request.
  6. 6. Exchange rates• The Exchange rates section show you the current exchange rates. You can alsouse the currency converter, update current exchange rates and set theexchange rate offset for each currency.
  7. 7. Invoices• What are invoices?• When youve created a booking system offer,an invoice is automatically created for everyoffer.
  8. 8. Invoices• In the View all invoices sectionyou can see all the invoices inyour system. You can filter themby client/email, invoice number,offer number, user that createdthem, offer type, status or acertain time period.• In the invoice list you can get aninvoice PDF by clicking on thePDF icon or view all paymentsby clicking on the magnifiericon. When creating an invoicePDF you need to select theinvoice currency, language andPDF template.• You can use the checkboxes toselect one or more invoices andby using the dropdown menuunder the list you can markinvoices as paid, downloadinvoices or cancel them.
  9. 9. Invoices• Under Invoice settings youcan set the invoice IDpattern to either {year}-{invoice ID} pattern or youonly use the {invoice ID}pattern. In the invoice IDstart value you can see thenext invoice counternumber. The invoice ID stepis used to specify the invoiceincrement step. The numberlength field specifies thelength of number portion ofyour invoice ID. Paddingcharacters are used whenthe counter number isshorter than the numberlength specifed. Here youcan also specify the invoiceID prefix.
  10. 10. Invoices• You can set when you want the invoice ID to be assigned, either on invoice payment or on invoicecreation.• Under URL structure you can specify the invoice url prefix for each language in you system.
  11. 11. Offer modules & settings• In the offer modules youcan set the offer lifetime,which is a number ofdays until the offerexpires. Under PDFfilename prefixes you canchange the PDF prefixesfor your offers andinvoices. You can also setthe default templates foryour web offers, e-mailoffers, group e-mails,PDF offers, PDF invoices,e-mail vouchers and PDFvouchers.• You can set filenameprefixes and differenttemplates for eachlanguage in your system.
  12. 12. Offer modules & settings• Similar as Invoice settings, theOffer settings allow you tospecify the offer ID pattern,either by {year}-{offer_id} orby only using the {offer_id}.The offer ID start valuesshows the next offer counternumber. Offer ID stepspecifies the counterincrement step. The numberlength field is used to specifythe length of number portionof an offer ID. The paddingcharacter is used when thecounter number is shorterthan the number lenghtspecified. The prefix for theoffer ID is specified in theprefix field.• In the URL structure you canspecify the offer url prefix foreach language in your system.
  13. 13. Payment Gateways• What are payment gateways?• Payment gateway is a secure link betweenyour booking system and your merchant bank.Payment gateways protect credit card detailsby encrypting private information.
  14. 14. Payment Gateways• In the PaymentGateway settings youcan set the defaultcurrency. If yourcurrent paymentgateway does notsupport the currencyyouve selected, thecurrency will bechanged to EUR andthe price will berecalculated by thelatest exchange rates.Here you can specifythe currency displayname and symbol,VAT and your chosenpayment gateway.
  15. 15. Payment Gateways• In the upper section you can set the default settings for your Payment Gateway, whilein the lower section you can specify the Payment Gateway for each domain andlanguage in your system.
  16. 16. Payment Gateways• In the Gateways section you can activate a specific payment gateway and changetheir settings. The payment gateways that are supported in Webiny Booking Systemare Moneybookers, T-Com PayWay and PayPal Express.
  17. 17. Payment GatewaysMoneybookers• When setting up yourMoneybookerspayment gateway youare required to inputyour Account Email,Merchant ID, YourSecret Word and yourprocessing fee.• After you havecompleted that, youcan set your CancelPage, Thank You Pageand Thank You Emailbelow.
  18. 18. Payment GatewaysT-Com PayWay• When setting up yourT-Com PayWaypayment gateway youare required to inputyour Shop ID,Username, Password,Your Secret Word andyour processing fee.• After you havecompleted that, youcan set your CancelPage, Thank You Pageand Thank You Emailbelow.
  19. 19. Payment GatewaysPayPal Express• When setting up yourPayPal Express paymentGateway you are requiredto input your AccountEmail, API Username, APIPassword, API Signatureand your processing fee.• PayPal Payment Gatewayallows you to use theSandbox Mode.• After you have completedthat, you can set yourCancel Page, Thank YouPage and Thank You Emailbelow.
  20. 20. Need more help?• You can visit Webiny Q&A Forum• Also you can contact us on:Email: info@webiny.comTwitter: @Webiny_PlatformLinkedIn: Webiny LinkedIn GroupFacebook: Webiny Fan PageGoogle+: Google Plus Webiny Page