3 Webiny Booking System - Emails


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3 Webiny Booking System - Emails

  1. 1. Booking System GuidePart 3Emails
  2. 2. • PDF templates• Settings• System emailsIn this guide we will walk you through theEmails section of Webiny Booking System.This guide covers:
  3. 3. View PDF templates• In the View PDFtemplates sectionyou can see all thePDF templates youcurrently have in yoursystem. You cancreate new documenttemplates or importthem by using thebuttons provided.• You can filter the listof PDF templates bylanguage, domain ortype. You can alsoperform a search byname.
  4. 4. New PDF template• When creating a new PDFtemplate you need toinput its name and selectthe document settings.• The document settingdefine the language,document type, signature(for email templates) andthe domain.• Each document templaterequires a uniquedocument slug.• The subject line holds thedocument templatesubject. The WYSIWYGeditor is used to edit thetemplate content.
  5. 5. Email server settings• To configure email serversettings you need to knowyour SMTP Host, SMTPUsername and SMTPPassword. If you dont wantto use SMTP server you canleave the SMTP Host fieldblank, however note that ifyou dont use SMTP, someof your email might getmarked as spam. If you areusing a special port on yourSMTP, enter your host likeeg.ssl://smtp.gmail.com:465• After you have configuredthe general email settings,you can set the defaultsender name and defaultsender email for eachlanguage in your system.
  6. 6. Email templates• What are email templates?• Email templates are predefined email designsthat can be used for your offers or requestnotifications.
  7. 7. View email templates• In the view emailtemplates section youcan see an overview ofall your email templates.You can create a newemail template or importthem by using theprovided buttons.• You can filter the list ofemail templates bylanguage, domain,document type orperform a search byname.• You can also send a testemail and edit or deleteexisting email templatesby using the action iconsprovided in the templatelist.
  8. 8. New email template• When creating a newemail template youneed to input its nameand select thedocument settings.• The document settingdefine the language,document type,signature and thedomain.• Each documenttemplate requires aunique document slug.• The subject line holdsthe document templatesubject. The WYSIWYGeditor is used to editthe template content.
  9. 9. Manage email signatures• The manageemail signaturessection shows alist of all youremail signatures.You can searchthem by name orfilter them bylanguage.• You can also usethe „New emailsignature“button to createa new signature.
  10. 10. Manage email attachments• The manage emailattachmentssection shows alist of all youremailattachments. Youcan search themby name or filterthem by language.• You can also usethe „New emailattachment“button to create anew attachment.
  11. 11. Need more help?• You can visit Webiny Q&A Forum• Also you can contact us on:Email: info@webiny.comTwitter: @Webiny_PlatformLinkedIn: Webiny LinkedIn GroupFacebook: Webiny Fan PageGoogle+: Google Plus Webiny Page