Webigence Credentials - showcasing technically complex bespoke ASP.NET projects


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We are a specialist ASP.NET web application development agency based in Wimbledon, London. The credentials attached here showcase a bit about who we are and showcase some of the work we have delivered. We specialise in the bespoke and the complex and relish a challenge to produce something tailored to a clients exact needs.

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Webigence Credentials - showcasing technically complex bespoke ASP.NET projects

  1. 1. Webigence Credentials Prepared by: Edward Kemp, User Experience Lead
  2. 2. Introduction We are focussed on developing the highest quality websites and applications using the best possible technology and specialising in ASP.NET
  3. 3. Meet the team
  4. 4. Project management / User Experience Simon Wilkinson Natalie Wiggins Edward Kemp MD & Technical Lead Senior Account Manager User Experience Lead With over 12 years experience as a programmer and having setup and run Webigence for 10 years, Simon is knowledgeable and approachable with a great way of explaining things so that everyone can understand. With 6 years of Project and Account management experience, Natalie has work across a wide range of clients, from the NHS to Barclays. With 5 years experience in UX design, Ed is certified at an advance level using Axure (the leading UX industry standard in interactive wireframe software) Simon will be accountable for the overall project deliverables and technical/functional considerations. Natalie will be responsible for the day-to-day project management and client service needs. Ed will be responsible for planning and designing the site architecture, ensuring the content, layout, structure, and user journey is well considered.
  5. 5. Programming team Stefan Dominik Ko Ko Senior Developer Senior Developer Stefan has worked at Webigence for more than 8 years and now runs several projects single-handedly specialising in eCommerce and payment service provider integration. Ko Ko has worked at Webigence for more than 6 years and had developed into a gifted developer who embraces the latest technologies and specialises in content management and eCommerce. Fikri Bostandzhi Dakshal Raijada Gamal Salman Web Developer Web Developer Web Developer
  6. 6. HTML/CSS/Responsive team Junior Mader Iris Vokopola Cathy Chi Front-end Developer Web Developer Junior Web Developer The development team have the same set of core programming skills, although there are a few variations. Every programmer employed by Webigence has at least a good Bachelors degree in Computer Science although many also have Masters degrees in related subjects too. Furthermore, most of the team get involved with most of the project, ensuring we have multiple members up to speed on each project, reducing dependencies and risks if key members become unavailable for any reason.
  7. 7. Relevant examples of our work
  8. 8. Our work Client: Travel Stream A booking engine that can be bolted onto hotel and apartment websites, or can act as a standalone website and booking engine. Property bookings are among the most complex types of bookings to program and cater for, given multiple rates across multiple dates as room or rate prices could change daily, and bookings can be for different number of nights, rooms, people etc. with other criteria such as availability, inventory, discounts, and more all needing to be catered for. We have architected, developed and continue to oversee the ongoing development of the complete system and have a number of clients using the system. The client, Peter Dennis (CEO) says “The thoroughness and thinking that Webigence put in at the start of the project, with the wireframing, technical functionality and design although took time, really did help to structure the website so things were smoother in the long run and we have a product we can be proud of.”
  9. 9. Our work Client: Buyonetoo A complete ecommerce marketplace platform, which powers multiple online community marketplaces including „The Camping and Caravanning Club‟ who are a 500,000+ member community. Essentially the system is the same as Amazon Marketplace but provided to, and branded up as, each online community‟s own marketplace. Webigence have built the system then continued to support and add further functionality over several years – and we are now working closely with them to help them expand further and take the next logical step in their growth to hire their own internal developers at the same time as they are in advanced investment negotiations.
  10. 10. Our work Client: Skills Platform A large system delivered in short timescales, launched on time on 2nd December. It includes ecommerce, PDF generation (for an order receipt), ecommerce using a „parallel payment‟ model where multiple parties get paid at the same time (i.e. not just bog standard ecommerce transactions). It will include a subscription model by mid-2014 and has significant white label functionality already implemented to enable organisations to completely and automatically create either their own full website, or to create a bolt-on module. They will be able to use this in conjunction with their own website, or just link to individual course pages that then feeds into the ecommerce payment process.
  11. 11. Our work Client: Andy Hayler Andy Hayler is a freelance food and restaurant critic (he has appeared on programmes such as the BBC's Masterchef), and is currently the only person in the world to have been to every 3 star Michelin restaurant. We re-developed, designed and built the new site, which incorporated the information and extensive data of over 1000 restaurant reviews Andy has collated over the past 20 years, from both his previous website, and his 3 star Michelin restaurant site. In addition we have greatly enhanced the new site to include the ability to search for restaurants based on multiple search criteria, a historical view to see how each individual restaurant's Michelin stars might have changed over the years and added the ability for the user to see multiple reviews per restaurant (for when Andy has visited the restaurant more than once over time). Andy‟s feedback to us was that… “The new website looks great, has dramatically more functionality than the previous one and since the site went live the number of viewers has increased by around 50% per day.”
  12. 12. Our work Advanced Filtering for restaurant guide If you look at the image to the right hand side (which can also been found on this page: http://www.andyhayler.com/restaurant-guide), you will see detailed out the different filter tabs/options we had to cater for in order to handle all the complex data on the site, whilst at the same time balancing this to ensure the user experience is as simple as possible. Any work we take on we want to make sure we carry it out to a high standard so the client is happy but also so we can be proud of our work and use it in our portfolio. One of the most important things to consider here on the comparative pricing tool, would be to make sure we get the balance right with giving the users some great functionality with all the filter options, but at the same time keeping it simple from a User Experience perspective. Andy‟s feedback to us was that… “The new website looks great, has dramatically more functionality than the previous one and since the site went live the number of viewers has increased by around 50% per day.”
  13. 13. Our work Client: Strengths Partnership Strengths Partnership provide a world leading, online strengths assessment system and Webigence look after the main part of their business - all the application development. Their online application consists of five different modules within the system and each one produces a report following a series of online questions being completed. Within this, there is a master login, respondent login, a login for selected people to answer questions on the respondent, and a client login. One of the main modules we have developed is called "StrenghtscopeLeader" which is a unique 360-degree leadership profiler for leaders to fill in a set of online questions about themselves. Various other selected people are invited to contribute by answering a different set of online questions which makes up a comprehensive online assessment of that leader. All the data for that leader is then outputted dynamically into a visually designed graphical 38 page PDF report. As the next progression, we are looking into doing a Chinese translation of the reports.
  14. 14. Our work Client: Westminster Adult Education Service Westminster's specialist adult college, offering fulltime and part-time study in the daytime, evenings and at weekends. We re-developed, designed, and built the new WAES website which now contains over 1000 different adult education courses, and has link ups with 3 backend databases so live course information can be regularly fed into the front end website. The new site also contains an advanced search facility and a mega drop down to find a course, as well as being responsive so it works across mobile and tablets. We have also included a custom form builder so the client can create a form for an event as and when necessary. The marketing manager received a standing ovation from the board of directors when he presented the website to them and has since told us that… “The impact of this new site has been huge and has most certainly contributed to an 88% increase in enrolments compared to the first few weeks of last year which is incredible.”
  15. 15. Our work Client: Matthew Cox Matthew is an antiques dealer and furniture maker with 15 years experience selling to the London and New York trade, top interior designers and a few discerning private customers. This is an online collection of his work and stock for antique dealers, interior designers and discerning private buyers to view and purchase so it needs to be sophisticated and attention grabbing. We at Webigence love pushing the boundaries in technology and this project is allowing us to flex our techy muscles in making the website horizontally responsive so the images scroll across rather than down. Our approach is to produce a fluid layout that adapts responsively with changing widths by detecting changes in device and screen size on the server side and/or in Javascript. There is definitely an art and a science in this (iterative) process, and it‟s still a relatively new field, but we believe we approach it in an appropriate way to ensure we produce an effective solution for every screen size and device.
  16. 16. Sample work Client: Barrett Clark Barrett Clark are a senior and executive management recruitment company who specialise in placing „the best talent in the best companies‟. We went through our full User Experience design / wireframing process where we worked up a number of interesting page templates which helped form the structure and foundation of the new Barrett Clark website. The site was then visually designed, built, plugged into Webi CMS, and programmed to contain, amongst other things, multiple link ups with the data between the team members, jobs, sectors, and blog entries. We also made the site responsive so it adapts to mobiles and tablets. At the time of launch we were confident in saying that this was one of the leading and best recruitment sites around and one of their Partners confirmed… “We receive regular compliments on our website and this is largely down to the work and excellent advice of the team at Webigence.”
  17. 17. Our typical process
  18. 18. Our typical process Planning User Experience Visual design Front end build Responsive Programming Testing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  19. 19. Our typical process Planning Content workshop Your project would kick off with a 'content workshop which is basically a meeting involving you and anyone else appropriate in your team, to really discuss every element and every requirement in detail to ensure everything is planned out as well as it possibly could be. Research We will then go away and do relevant research in order to gather the information needed to start the User Experience stage.
  20. 20. Our typical process User Experience Preparing the foundations It's vitally important to make sure the foundations of the site are right before any visual design work is started, so during this stage we consider the structure, content, layout, and user journey. Flow Diagram & Wireframes We will work up a "Flow diagram" first which is basically a tree diagram which shows how the overall site and login area will fit together, and then we will work up the individual page template wireframes (using the industry leading UX prototyping tool "Axure") and this process will be carried through for all the different page templates.
  21. 21. Our typical process Visual design The look & feel The visual design is where we 'paint' the wireframes to bring in the colours, imagery, branding and visual styling. We won't be adding in new elements or playing around with the structure at this stage as this will have been defined in the wireframes. The visual design stage is simply to look at the visual aesthetics and making your site look fantastic and hit the mark of what you are wanting from a visual perspective.
  22. 22. Our typical process Front End Build HTML/CSS We would build the front end of the site using the latest HTML5/CSS3 standards i.e. using all the latest approaches to ensure the webpage code is clean, well structured and efficient. Other frameworks, libraries & tools We also work extensively with jQuery, and we work with SCSS (which is a CSS pre-processor) and libraries such as Backbone.js, Knockout.js and Angular.js i.e this helps us to produce the best structured CSS and Javascript respectively;
  23. 23. Our typical process Responsive What is „Responsive‟ design? This refers to a website that automatically adjusts the structure and layout based on different screen sizes, so when viewing on a tablet or mobile the website will work in an appropriate way based on the screen size. Handling different devices We produce a 'fluid' layout and responsively (with changing widths) and adaptively (by detecting changes in device and screen size on the server side and/or in Javascript) change the website to suit the device the website is being viewed on). (This stage is optional depending on the project scope)
  24. 24. Our typical process Programming Backend build Once the front end of the site has been designed and built, and the responsive done, we then normally move onto the Backend build which involves the programming (and CMS integration where appropriate). We work using Microsoft technologies and would use the latest ASP.NET MVC 4 framework (and using C# as the programming language). I.e this is the latest technology and the site would be built to rigorous coding, security, and scalability standards.
  25. 25. Our typical process Testing Staging URL We build the site and make it available on a staging URL allowing us to work on it and you can see it functioning in “real time” as it would once it goes live (but without anyone else seeing it or search engines finding it). Content population & training We strongly recommend allowing enough for testing and debugging before the site goes live. This will include both us and yourselves testing the functionality across the whole site. If relevant, we will also give you a run through of how the Content Management System works for you to test and use yourselves and populate your content.
  26. 26. Final thoughts We pride ourselves in being the best in our field of building ASP.NET websites, catering for complex and bespoke requirements – the more complex the better really, as we love to rise to the challenge of creating websites that are both functionally advanced and aesthetically appealing, wowing and pleasing both the client and the end user. Having been around for 11+ years we have significant experience and trustworthiness in what we do and the retention and repeat business from our clients is testament to that fact. We are happy to put you in touch with the relevant clients for references if required.
  27. 27. Thank you for your consideration We would love to have further discussions with you regarding your project and sincerely look forward to speaking with you soon. Webigence Ltd, 51 St Georges Road, London, SW19 4EA | Registered number: 4132885 | VAT number: 742706339