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Social media buzz around U.S elections 2012- 1 [IOWA CAUCUS]


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Social media buzz around U.S elections 2012- 1 [IOWA CAUCUS]

  1. 1. Social buzz around U.S Presidential elections 2012 -1[IOWA CAUCUS]Analysis of the social media buzz for candidates running forPresident between 29nd December 2011 to 4th January 2012
  2. 2. Candidates Analysed*… RICK PERRY RICK SANTORUM MITT ROMNEY BARACK OBAMA Images: Wikipedia RON PAUL NEWT GINGRICH MICHELE BACHMANN*As a result of Rick Santorum’s growing buzz mainly due to landing a close second place at the IowaCaucus, this week’s analysis includes analysis of chatter around him as well
  3. 3. Similar to last week……This week also Barack 8% BachmanObama was leading with 30% Newtaround 30% of online 11% Ronconversations pertaining to Rickcandidates running for 22% Mittpresident, around him 2% Santorum 18% 9% Barack Overall Share-of-voice Positive Buzz – 40%  Negative Buzz – 30%  Neutral Buzz – 30% Positive 30% 40% Negative Negative buzz pertaining to 30% Neutral Obama’s signing into law the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Sentiment break-up for Obama
  4. 4. 3%Although, Mitt Romney was 12%the winner of the Iowa Bachman 26%Caucus, highest share of Newt 15%conversation was pertaining Ronto Ron Paul Rick Mitt 13% Santorum 31% Share-of-voice of Republican Candidates Positive Buzz – 36% Negative Buzz – 49% Neutral Buzz – 15% Positive 32% 39% NegativeNegative buzz pertaining tonewsletters allegedly sent out Neutral 29%under his name, containingracist undercurrents Sentiment break-up for Ron Paul
  5. 5. 100%  Ron Paul, who 90% had highest share 80% of voice amongst 70% 60% Social Networks republicans, discus 50% sed maximum in Forums 40% social networks Images 30% 20% Blogs Mitt Romney 10% Videos discussed earnestly 0% across News Microblogging microblogging platforms such as Twitter, followed by Social Networks such as Facebook Break-up of chatter across channelsMaximum number of online news articles dedicated toRomney, surpassing even Obama whose social media buzz wasmostly due to discussions across microblogging platforms
  6. 6. 100% Despite negative comments around him 90% signing the NDAA, the 80% percentage of positive 70% chatter around Barack 60% Obama was highest at 50% 40% 40% Least percentage of Neutral 30% negative conversations Negative out of overall chatter for 20% Positive Mitt Romney at 20% 10% Amongst the 0% Republican candidates, maximum positive discussions around Ron Paul, who was also a close third at the Caucuses Break-up of sentiment46% of conversations around Rick Santorum carried anegative undertone questioning his alleged racist remarksagainst black people in a speech delivered by him
  7. 7. Topical Trends* for Barack ObamaObama’s pro-gay rights foreign policy discussed with fervor acrosssocial media sitesA topic that created some amount of negative sentiment was Obama’ssigning into law the NDAATrends pertaining to Obama joining photo sharing network Instagramwere missing which means this move did not create as much buzz asanticipated*Topical trends highlight topics associated with the primary keyword. The size ofwords indicate the frequency of occurrence
  8. 8. Newt Gingrich’s stance on ‘Iran’, a popular topic of discussion. And so was his condemnation of rival ‘Paul’s wish to develop nuclear weapons in Iran Most conversationsTopical Trends for Newt Gingrich about Gingrich also featured rivals ‘Romney’ and ‘Santorum’. Topics around Rick Perry mostly pertaining to the ambiguity, regarding the drop out of Perry and ‘Bachmann’ from the GOP raceTopical Trends for Rick Perry
  9. 9. Most popular topics around Mitt Romney included Gingrich calling Mitt Romney a “Massachusetts moderate” , considered by observers to be ‘pejorative’ Topical Trends for Mitt Romney A dominant share of conversations pertaining to Michele Bachmann was pertaining to her toughest competitors who were perceived to be ‘Romney’ andTopical Trends for Michele Bachmann ‘Santorum’
  10. 10. Trends not reflecting major changes since last week Although, Ron Paul had maximum share of conversation among his Republican rivals, the trends reflect a divided Topical Trends for Ron Paul sentiment Condemned for having allegedly singled out black people during an event at Iowa Other topics involved his remarks on gayTopical Trends for Rick Santorum marriages, received the wrath of the social media community.
  11. 11. This week demonstrated results similar to lastweek, with Democrat candidate Obama being the mostpopular across social media sites, with maximum buzzcontributed through microblogsAmongst Republican candidates, although Mitt Romneywon the Iowa Caucus, macimum chatter was around RonPaulCatch our update for next week as we analyse the socialbuzz around your favourite candidates…
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