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Civility in America VII: The State of Civility


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The latest edition of Civility in America, an annual poll conducted by Weber Shandwick and Powell Tate, with KRC Research, finds that with uncivil behavior on the rise, Americans are finding that one place that can provide refuge from society’s increasingly pervasive and offensive behavior and language is the workplace

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Civility in America VII: The State of Civility

  1. 1. CIVILITY IN AMERICA VII: THE STATE OF CIVILITY Civility in America 2017 is the seventh annual nationwide poll conducted by Weber Shandwick and Powell Tate with KRC Research. We polled 1,126 U.S. adults in December 2016 and found Americans continuing to report a severe civility deficit in our nation, one that shows no signs of letting up. This year, we also go beyond investigating the root causes and negative consequences of incivility and start exploring solutions to help restore civility in our public life. INCIVILITY EXPERIENCES INCIVILITY PERCEPTIONS INCIVILITY SOLUTIONS For more information about Civility in America VII: The State of Civility, please contact: Pam Jenkins President, Global Public Affairs Weber Shandwick Leslie Gaines-Ross Chief Reputation Strategist Weber Shandwick Mark Richards Senior Vice President/Management Supervisor KRC Research 84% Experienced incivility 59% Quit paying attention to politics because of incivility 53% Stopped buying from a company because of uncivil representatives 25% Experienced cyberbullying Nearly 3Xincrease since 2011 OF AMERICANS SURVEYED… 79% Describe the 2016 presidential election as uncivil Think incivility has risen to crisis levels 75% 89% Think incivility leads to intimidation and threats 56% Expect civility to get worse Politicians 75% Internet and social media 69% News media 59% WHY? Top 5 actions Americans are in favor of Setting a good example by practicing civility Encouraging friends, family members and colleagues to be civil Social media sites and search engines eliminating fake news Speaking up against incivility when you see it Civility training in schools and colleges 75% 66% 58% 53% 49%