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Celebrity & Social Media

  1. 1. Category : EntertainmentEntertainment Celebrities & Social Media w w w.webenza.com
  2. 2. Why Social Media for Celebrities?• Six of this year’s Forbes top 10 celebrities hail from the Millennial generation or younger.• It plays an important role in ‘Celebrity Reputation Management’ & ‘Brand Building’.In this report, we have used social media metrics for measuring thesuccess of celebrity social media efforts against industry benchmarksthrough what we call the SMQ – Social Media Quotient. w w w.webenza.com
  3. 3. Methodology : Social Media Intelligence (SMI) • SMI is a methodology to capture all publicly available information on the Web, which is analyzed to create a comprehensive report about a brand’s Social Media presence & Online activities. • The intent is to create benchmarks & find best practices for celebrities in different industries by analyzing patterns across all the social media channels. This in turns helps in Online reputation management. • The online behavior is mapped and classified based on : • Presence on Social Networks • Engagement level on social media • Impact on their sphere of Influence • Popularity and reach • Activity Patterns • Sentiments associated with the conversations w w w.webenza.com
  4. 4. Social Media Intelligence Process Listening &Calculate SMQ Analyze Monitoring CompareIndexing based on Insights into these Reactions/Conversations Profile comparison withCelebrities’ Online online activities /Mentions about the the competitorsPresence and Social Identify patterns, tonality of CelebritiesMedia Activities. the conversations Share of voiceAnalysis of social media assets Tracking real time conversations w w w.webenza.com
  5. 5. Social Media Quotient(SMQ)Social Media Quotient measures a Brand’s performance on social channels. It iscalculated based on the analysis of “Presence & Performance” of various socialmedia assets; it takes into account-Connections/Followers/Public posts,engagement level, influence, technology adoption etc.’Following Channels have been covered under SMQ Analysis: w w w.webenza.com
  6. 6. We picked 10 Entertainment celebrities toidentify the topcelebs with high SMQ w w w.webenza.com
  7. 7. Channel Wise analysis among Top 10 w w w.webenza.com
  8. 8. Social Media Trends in the Entertainment Category w w w.webenza.com
  9. 9. SMQ of top 10 Entertainment Celebs Justin Beiber tops the list with a Social Media Quotient of 91.84 followed by Rihanna with a Social Media Quotient of 87 w w w.webenza.com
  10. 10. Justin Bieber’s Social Media Performance Twitter – He broke the Guinness world record of the highest number of mentions by his twitter fans. Facebook- He gets an average of 48,000 likes, 4000 shares and 3,000 comments for his single post. YouTube -Video posted by Justin’s mother of Justin singing ‘So sick’ alone has 4.9 million views. His “baby” video has the highest number of views amounting to overall 2.7 billion views. w w w.webenza.com
  11. 11. w w w.webenza.com
  12. 12. w w w.webenza.com
  13. 13. About WebenzaAt Webenza, we are a group of creative minds focused on demystifying Digital Media. Weignite Brands, protect the Online Reputation and provide most suitable insights to helpour clients.Based on our experience, we realize that there is no greater differentiator than havingmotivated and happy employees and partners. They are the assets that create value for usand our clients with integrity and the highest quality. We strive to provide the perfectenvironment for creativity, innovation, learning, collaboration, growth and success inevery partnership that we create. w w w.webenza.com
  14. 14. For more reports, please visit http://www.webenza.com/services THANK YOU w w w.webenza.com