Washington Houses Land Lease Presentation (6-12-13) (English)


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President George Washington Houses consists of 14 buildings, 12 and 14-stories tall with 1,510 apartments housing some 3,479 residents.
Washington Houses has a $52 million unmet need for capital improvements over the next 5 years.

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  • Presenter – Deidra Gilliard, VP for Community Operations Good evening everyone and thank you for participating in this very important discussion today. This will be just one of many discussions that NYCHA and all of you--  will have in the coming weeks about a proposal to generate funding to Improve and Preserve Public Housing here at Meltzer.  Unlike Chicago, Atlanta, St Louis who demolished their public housing, NYCHA  wants to keep it going for another 79 years.  What we are going to do today is talk about one initiative to help do just that. Many of you may have come to a meeting NYCHA hosted  a few weeks ago.  I also know there has been a lot of misinformation or confusion out there about plans for this development and that is why it is so important that you have come here to get information, raise questions, give your opinion and offer ideas.  I speak for everyone at NYCHA when I say we want to and will answers all those questions, hear your comments and welcome all of your suggestions and ideas.   There are more meetings to come so this will not be the only chance to offer your opinion-- this is just the beginning of this multi-year process until 2015 to 2016.
  • Melba Butler:We hope that as many people as possible will have an opportunity to express their comments. So before we begin, let’s go over the following ground rules.I would like to go over some Ground Rules:We are here to listenThe passing out of materials, photo taking and video recordings are not allowedIf you would like to speak or ask a question – we ask that you complete a speaker slip [Hold up a sample of speaker slip] This is a meeting for residents so we are going to take questions from residents first and then move on to other questions if time permits.We ask that your comments are respectful and that you be considerate of others and allow them time to share their questionsIf you have any personal and/or specific need or issue related to your apartment – please raise your hand, NYCHA staff is here to assist you.We have “General Information” tables are available outside where leaflets and flyers may be displayed. Resource tables have been set up outside with information so that the end of the meeting you can pick-up information on that may be of interest to you on: Resident Economic Empowerment and Sustainability, Fair Housing, Social Services, Citywide Programs, and A Health Provider. Introduce Mike Zunno (or other designated Finance Senior staff), Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, to discuss the 1st topic- Financial Resources
  • Presenter – Deidra Gilliard, VP for Community Operations This PLAN is ALOT to TAKE in.  There is important information we want to share and importantly we want to hear what you think and answer your questions.  Based on feedback we got from you and other residents when we had our first round of meetings,  we have broken down the discussion today into four parts.   (Go through the Four Topics, letting them know that for each topic NYCHA staff will share information and then we will break into the table groups to review and discuss the information). 
  • Presenter Fred Harris, EVP for Real Estate Development Reinforce the unmet need due to years of underfunding by the federal government $876 Million in Capital funding and $750 Million in Operating.  NYCHA is not getting enough money to keep the buildings maintained.
  • Presenter –staff member from Development Department
  • Presenter –staff member from Development Department
  • Presenter –staff member from Development Department
  • Presenter – Deidra Gilliard, VP for Community Operations Remind residents that we have copies of the presentation on the way out and also please visit the NYCHA website for updates.This is the start of many more conversations.
  • Washington Houses Land Lease Presentation (6-12-13) (English)

    1. 1. Preserving Public HousingOverviewfor Pending Land LeaseRequest For ProposalWashington HousesJune 12, 2013
    2. 2.  Let’s hear from everyone No interruptions Treat everyone with respect Respect different opinions Speaker slips are available to register for theopen comment time at the end of thepresentations No videotaping2Meeting Guidelines
    3. 3. 3 Key Changes Implemented Due to ResidentFeedback Design and Zoning Information Section 18 Project Timeline Comments and Q & ADiscussion Topics
    4. 4. Key Changes Implemented Due toResident Feedback NYCHA has extended the release date of the pendingRequest for Proposal (RFP) by several months 100% of revenue generated from rent will beinvested to meet the capital needs at the eight (8)affected developments in the initial period. At least 20% of the apartments will be permanentlylow-income available to households earning a rangeof incomes below 60% of Area Median Income (AMI)for NYC Metro Area.4
    5. 5. Key Changes Implemented Due toResident Feedback NYCHA has restricted the height that can be built onthe Washington Houses development sites. New Building designs must improve affected NYCHAdevelopments, be thoughtfully designed and allow forground floor community facility uses whereappropriate. Developers will be competitively scored on theirwillingness to increase the percentage of permanentlyaffordable apartments and or to decrease the averageAMI below 50%5
    6. 6. Key Changes Implemented Due toResident Feedback Proposers will be required to submit a NYCHA resident hiring plandetailing initiatives targeted at hiring NYCHA residents. At least 15% of the total labor cost for construction work shouldbe made-up of NYCHA residents. NYCHA will require that proposers adhere to Section 3-like hiringgoals; 30% of permanent employment opportunities will betargeted to NYCHA residents. Designated developers will be required to conduct meetings,discussions with residents, elected officials and communityboards , as project planning is refined and Section 18 applicationsare prepared during 2014. 6
    7. 7. Some Key Steps: Resident Consultation- Residents have the right to submit separate written comments aboutthe Section 18 application Environmental Review:- Completion of environmental assessment of proposed developmentprojects pursuant to the federal National Environmental Policy Act(NEPA) and State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA); in NewYork City, environmental review follows the City Environmental QualityReview (CEQR) manual7Section 18Before NYCHA may enter into a ground lease HUD must approve theproposed transaction.
    8. 8. Some Key Steps: Appraisal of development site Description of How Proceeds from Land Leases (disposition) Will Be Used Elected Official Consultation Letter dated and signed by Deputy Mayor that demonstrates NYCHA hasconsulted with the appropriate local government officials about theproposed disposition Adoption of a resolution by the NYCHA Board to authorize submission ofthe Section 18 application8Section 18Before NYCHA may enter into a ground lease HUD must approve theproposed transaction.
    9. 9. Washington HousesEast 99th Street Site9
    10. 10. 10Washington HousesEast 99th Street Site
    11. 11. 11Washington HousesThird Avenue & East 99th Street Site
    12. 12. 12Washington HousesThird Avenue & East 99th Street Site
    13. 13. $13.4 Billion Unmet Capital Need NYCHA Widefor the Next 5 YearsWashington Housesneeds $52.2 millionfor capitalimprovementsBudgeted to receive$2,894,000 innext 5 years13
    14. 14. Land Lease OpportunityKey Milestones 2013 Release RFP Pre-Submission Conference Proposals due Interviews/Applicant Presentations Selection Committee makes recommendation to NYCHA Board Board Conditionally Designates Developer(s) CDLs issued to Developers NYCHA to develop its Annual Plan (per HUD Section 18) Throughout the year, there will be periodic engagement withresidents and other stakeholders (elected officials andCommunity Boards)14
    15. 15. Land Lease OpportunityKey Milestones 2014 NYCHA Annual Plan becomes effective Preparation of Section 18 Application (Draft) Commence Environmental Review Engagement with residents and other stakeholders(elected and CBs) – “Official S18 Meetings” Board Approval to submit Section 18 Application to HUD Submission of Section 18 Application to HUD Throughout the year, there will be on-going engagementwith residents and other stakeholders (elected officialsand Community Boards)15
    16. 16. Land Lease OpportunityKey Milestones 2015-2016Key Milestones 2015 HUD may issue questions on application (est. / time may vary) Prepare responses to HUD questions HUD reviews S18 Application (with approval targeted in December). Throughout the year, there will be periodic engagement with residentsand other stakeholders (elected officials and Community Boards)Key Milestones 2016 Upon approval, enter Ground Lease agreement(s) Construction preparation & groundbreaking Throughout the year, there will be periodic engagement with residentsand other stakeholders (elected officials and Community Boards)16
    17. 17. 17Land Lease Websitehttp://on.nyc.gov/landleasePublic Comments can be submitted online and in writing to:NYC Housing AuthorityLand Lease CommentsPO Box 3422New York NY 10008